With Mother’s Day round the corner, you ‘ought to ensure your marketing campaigns are in tip top condition to quickly boost that revenue.

Numberless brands participate in this public observation through either advertisements, product promotions, or special campaigns, as they find these help increase daily revenue numbers.

Thankfully, you have us in your corner! We have come up with 6 different tips and tricks to fire up that revenue of the eCommerce world ideal for any industry. This will surely boost your revenue during the Mother’s Day period.

  1. Personalised Landing Page

Going onto a website and seeing a personalised welcome is already a win gained within a second. Seeing a greeting on the landing page of a retailer website that addresses you with your name instantly makes you feel valued and recognised. Giving your customers this feeling should be at the top of your to-do list. And Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to implement this! Greeting your customers with their names followed by a direct CTA encouraging them to browse through your Mother’s Day selection is a tactic that many eCommerce brands have adapted.

The value received through a personalised welcome on the landing page satisfies your website visitors, motivating them to have a browse, as they feel happier to purchase with brands who give them a sense of value.

2. Gift Ideas Section

If you are an online retailer, now is your time to shine. Or should we say now is the time to make your products shine? During Mother’s Day, “mother’s day gifts” and other similar phrases are the most-searched phrases on Google because customers who are unsure of what gifts to purchase are on the lookout for ideas. Many online retailers grasp onto this opportunity to promote their products by adapting the product personality to fit the customer needs. These products are then displayed in a Mother’s Day section on the website, as well as some brands offering an additional gift-wrapping option to ease the tasks of their customers who would appreciate a ready-to-go gift.

The online service can be enhanced using personalised product recommendations based upon the browsing behaviour of the website visitor that tailors the product recommendations specifically towards the individual’s interests.

Here below are 2 fantastic examples of retailers promoting their products for Mother’s Day in 2023 with a direct CTA that encourages the website visitor to begin shopping.

3. Personalised Discount Codes

A strategy that we find very effective is offering personalised discount codes to customers via email or mobile applications. These personalised discount codes make it simple and straightforward to track the buyer as every recipient would receive a personalised trackable code according to their previous buying behaviour. The codes work best when operating for only a limited amount of time as this entices recipients to purchase at first instance to avoid the code expiring.

4. Personalised Push Notifications

Personalised push notifications are a common tactic that many marketers implement into their Mother’s Day campaigns. Push notifications are personalised by monitoring their browsing behaviour such as most-searched items which can be used to send push notifications, reminding customers to purchase the item before it sells out. Shopping carts can also be monitored and used to construct personalised push notifications as a reminder to proceed to checkout to complete the transaction. Notifications informing customers about products coming back in stock can also be personalised if the customer requests to be notified when a product is back in stock.

5. Popups

who doesn’t enjoy a good old popup? These are a powerful method to attract attention right towards your message in a visually appealing way. Popups are both – informative and catchy, we don’t see the drawback of them! In fact, popups are proven to increase revenue due to their great attention-grabbing factor.

Popups can include information such as how many people bought the item in the last 24 hours, how many are left in stock, or how the product is a hot sell.

To gain the full benefit, you can embed links directly to different pages of your website inside these popups increasing your CTR.

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6. Journey Builders

Every retailer has interactions with indecisive customers. In order to help such customers find the most suitable products for themselves, introduce a journey builder on your website that would filter through all the products, narrowing the search down according to the likes of the customer. This is done by asking the customer a set of multiple-choice questions of which the answers are then sued to tailor the search results. This would reduce the browsing time as well as presenting personalised product recommendations before the customer’s eyes. It’s also a great way to get to know your customers better!

Wrapping Up for Mother’s Day!

This special day holds a lot of weight in the lives of many as they aim to show appreciation to their mothers or mother figures. Buying a small gift for our mothers or mother figures is a great symbol of love and appreciation to show gratitude to the special people in our lives.

This results in the eCommerce world to witness this day as one of the most-busiest times for sales throughout the year. Having a finetuned marketing campaign during this period does not only increase brand awareness and brand image, but it also increases revenue numbers.

Spotler eCommerce is the perfect software for any online retailer as it gives you endless benefits to enjoy from such as optimising website personalisation, building product newsletters, firing up email campaigns, charming cart abandonment, and many more. Check it out to see how you can improve your Mother’s Day campaigns.