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Give every visitor a unique version of your website and email campaigns. Every one is different, yet most businesses offer the same one-size-fits-all website and email experience. With Spotler’s personalisation engine anyone can create personalised website and email experiences that customers expect.

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Deliver personalised marketing across digital touchpoint

Most Customer Data Platforms promise ready-made solutions. Which sounds great, but in reality you’ll quickly run into limitations. Spotler is very much at the other end of the spectrum. With us you get full control.

As an ambitious marketer you’ll understand sooner or later – usually sooner – you’re going to want to make the system work for you. With Spotler you can create the most advanced buyer journeys, personalisations and it gives you unmatched flexibility.


Powered by Machine Learning & Ai recommendations

Our platform uses machine-learning to analyse and predict what makes your customers buy. This allows us to automatically optimise your website and email experience in real-time to drive each visitor or recipient  to conversion.


Tailored product recommendations via email and on the website

Our recommendation engine analyses purchase history, real-time behaviour, and purchase intent to ensure the right products are shown to each customer. Increase online revenue by an average of 8% with real time cart recovery emails. See a further potential 4% increase with real time browse recovery emails. Utilise real time form recovery triggered by email.



Targeted Dynamic Content

Greet each customer with personalised content based on what you know about them—demographics, location, purchase history, lifecycle stage and much more. We can even tailor your content to reflect real-time weather forecasts. With an abundance of data collection points, you can quickly build relevant target groups. Use website events (i.e. product or page views, UTM data and more) or shared characteristics (male, female, location, etc…) that combine into the exact targeting segments you need.

When ready, your audiences can be targeted on your website, social media, through display ads or in email campaigns. Our audience builder offers you structured groups to help you manage endless possibilities.

Cross-device Tracking

Deliver messages across multi channel and get more engag

We track user behaviour across multiple devices and sessions to deliver a consistent, seamless experience. All touch-points on your website are personalised with any type of content. We give you complete flexibility to optimise the entire path to purchase. The magic happens when the channels align. A cross-channel approach is the holy grail in online marketing and Spotler makes it easier than ever! 

A/B testing

Create A/B and multivariate testing to make sure you get more conversions

Set up tests with just a few clicks. Track your results in real-time and see which variant is making you more money. Our reporting is built around the metric that really matters: revenue. See the ROI with live dashboards that tell you how much extra revenue you’re generating from our platform. Making sure your gut instinct is delivering real results. 


Unique Shopper Profiles

We analyse behaviour from the very first visit. Overtime we understand more about each customer and optimise their shopping experience accordingly. Feed the data you need right into our platform—whether it’s from CRM or your brick-and-mortar POS system. We also integrate with every major eCommerce platform. 

Rich tool set

Automation tools at your disposal

Use the Spotler software to create engagement across channels and touchpoints. Compelling landing pages, web forms and surveys, powerful popups, target groups, personal text messages and many more. All plugged into one CDP for ultimate control over your data. Whichever journey you design, Spotler’s meticulously measures how visitors react to it. This way, you will immediately see what works and what doesn’t.

Increase sales

The power to get more sales across channels!

Spotler offers B2C (webshops, retailers) and B2B marketers powerful possibilities to easily generate more sales via marketing automation, emial and website personalisation. The synchronisation of customer, product and order data from your other platforms makes it possible to quickly create personal web pages and emails.

Don't just buy a solution - build it with Spotler's CDP. Providing endless possibilities.

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