Social Retargeting

Regain and win new customers and boost Revenue through intent-based retargeting

Use retargeting to bridge the gap between traffic and conversions. Every touchpoint, from email abandoned cart recovery to paid social media retargeting, can lead to a potential conversion.

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Build retargeting lists for Google and Facebook Ads

Retain attention beyond your website with retargeting on google and facebook ad networks. Incorporate Spotler’s ad audience builder into your automation programs at key touchpoints to manage your retargeting audience and minimise ad spend waste.


Convert browsers into buyers

Are you ready to boost your conversions? Leverage Spotler’s web behavior tracking to send browser abandonment email and SMS campaigns. Create automated abandoned browse programs to highlight personalised product recommendations based on browsing history and drive sales. Alternatively, trigger an sms containing a discount code, encouraging customers to convert.


Abandoned carts. No worries. Retarget them.

Boost your cart recovery rates with automated abandoned cart reminders. Utilise advanced personalisation techniques to create engaging emails that encourage your customers to complete their purchase. With Spotlers’s you can easily track abandoned, converted, and lost carts, as well as the revenue you’ve recovered.


Back in stock sales email notifications

Get back in touch with your customers and recover lost revenue using back-in-stock email and SMS notifications! You can you can easily create back-in-stock campaigns, ready to alert your customers right away. Don’t let any more potential sales slip away.


Effective transactional messages that hit the spot

Easily create branded transactonal email templates in Spotler and deliver exceptional experiences before and after the sale. Keep track of performance and deliverability with our dedicated transactional email dashboard.

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