Connect your online shop or CRM to
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Thanks to our integrations and our open API you can easily integrate with the
software of your choice. Providing you you amazing insight into customer
behaviour and oodles of options for more personal and targeted
communications across multiple channels.

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CRM and web shop integrations that is intelligent & effortless

B2C & eCommerce (Web Shops)


Data unification – power of a customer data platform (CDP)

Segmentation – more insights into your customers with RFM modelling

Multi-channel – turn data and insights into intelligent cross-channel campaigns

Web personalisation – mega website personalisation for more online conversions and sales

Recommendations – personalised offers and recommendations for every shopper

Abandonment – automations to increase ROI with cart abandonment and broswer abandonment programmes

Social retargeting – bring back visitors with dispaly ads over facebook, google and instagram for more online sales

B2B Lead Generation and Automation


Lead generation – identify more companies on your website within your CRM

Artificial Intelligence – higher email click rate through our AI engine

Segmentation – create audiences using CRM data and digital behaviour

Dynamic content – send really personalised email camapigns utlising with CRM data.

Attribution model – get more leads from all paid channels and understand which marketing campaigns your leads come

Automations – automate & improve your processes and campaigns to push more prospects through the pipeline.

Is your CRM not listed?

Do you want to connect with SpotlerUK but we dont have an out of the box connection. Then let us know. We are happy discuss options with you or you CRM partner. We have a lot of experience in developing bespoke connections with a variety of systems.

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