Discover a host of untapped marketing opportunities with relevant insights.

Analytics made simple. See where you’re at, know where you’re going and unlock the power of your marketing data and drive growth for your business.

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Analytics Maturity Model

To simplify the analytics landscape for Marketers, we have created a Maturity Model that will help you benchmark your current strategy whilst showing you a roadmap aligned to your ambitions.


Campaign Effectiveness

Prove the effectiveness of your email marketing. Compare campaigns and create segments for accelerating campaign results.


Customer lifecycle Dashboards – Actionable RFE, RFM, CLTV segments

Use dashboards and pre-built segments to unlock the power of your data and better understand customer behaviour. Identify top customers and those who are about to churn and tailor your marketing accordingly. Take the guesswork out of your lifecycle marketing strategy. All without the need for internal resources or a Maths degree!


Prove the power of your data with revenue Dashboards

Easy to read dashboards that prove the value of your data and lifecycle campaigns by tracking revenue uplift


Data Consultancy & Implementation Services

Your consultant will work with you to validate your current profiles, documenting and explaining any new and more accurate segments. Delivering better personalised customer lifecycle experiences. We help you plan, prioritise and implement the most impactful lifecycle email journeys for each customer profile, whilst proving the revenue uplift for your business.


Ai Predictor

Created for the marketer that has the ambition to do so much more! With our Ai Predictor products and services, let the machine do the work. Predict churn, model propensity to buy, create a single customer view and report on multichannel attribution. With our data consultancy services included you will be able to deliver truly personalised omnichannel marketing.

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