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Whether you want to send a simple newsletter or a fully automated, personalized campaign our software makes email marketing easy.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.


Deliver attractive, dynamic and engaging emails straight to your audience’s inbox

Whether you are looking to create highly personalised B2C targeted e-commerce campaigns, lead generation in B2B, transactional emails that keep customers informed or internal newsletters critical for employee engagement, Spotler has the solution.

Easy UI

It’s simple, easy and quick for everyone

From a communication professional who occasionally sends out an email to a seasoned email marketer who sets up automated, targeted campaigns daily, our platform puts ease of use at the centre of our solutions. Enabling marketers to design their own emails, choose from our library of responsive templates, upload their own layouts or work with our email experts to develop a custom design that works for you.

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Target & segment

Be relevant, timely and engaging across the lifecycle

Create email campaigns that are highly targeted, based on segments and audience interest, to deliver dynamic and personalized emails that are proven to be effective. Our platform enables you to create and manage those segments and easily configure who gets what content.

Journey builder

Intelligent automation, while being quick and easy to build

Spotler provides tools that enable marketers and communication professionals to build advanced, automated email campaigns that are dynamically triggered by the audience’s actions, life events or interests, adapt to their changing behaviour or customer journey and continually engage.

Send highly targeted emails based on web and email behaviour

Our email marketing platform is a part of Spotler’s lead management solution. Nurture and convert your leads with a solution that seamlessly connects your web and email communication channels.

Track online behavior from the first touchpoint. Get actionable, real-time insights that enable you to smoothly deliver the right message at precisely the right moment.

Transactional emails

Engaging transactions

Email is a key component of any transaction, from account set-up, password reminders, order confirmations, subscription renewals or providing booking details, these are essential touch points in the customer experience and needn’t be boring. Our email engine technology is often deeply embedded in our client’s transactional systems and back-office that need reliable email and SMS sending capability.


With the all the insight you need

Marketing is no longer guesswork, our email solutions provide reporting and data analysis to understand the effect your marketing has on your audience and quickly discover what’s working. Understand how many of your recipients have opened the message and clicked through to your website, webshop or landing page and integrate with the other systems, like web analytics and your CRM to get a holistic view of your marketing communications.

Upgrade from Pure360 to Spotler Mail+

We’re bidding farewell to Pure360. Click to learn more about the tool and your journey to Mail+. Our team of experts will guide you through. Or contact your account manager directly.


Deliver better emails

Easy to use

Enable your team to create engaging emails that get opened

Relevant and targeted

Deliver dynamic and personalized emails that are proven to be effective

Advanced automation

Build dynamic email campaigns that guide your customers journey

Continue the conversation

Keep the consumer engaged with reliable transactional emails

Measure and optimise

Continually improve your campaigns with our deep analytics and insight

Let us show you

Contact your local Spotler team and let us show you how Spotler helps over ten thousand marketers and communication professionals be successful in their email marketing with a solution that fits their needs.

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