GatorLeads Contact Tracking

This form allows you to create a tracking link you can add to another ESP (Email Service Provider) such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Dotmailer. If you need another then reach out, we can explain how to and also update this form for other ESPs.

When you send your email campaign out with these links in then your GatorLeads account will start tracking the contact and also cookie the contact so tracking continues if the contact comes back to your site later again.

Use the form to create a website link for your email service provider that tracks a contact in GatorLeads.

Step 1: Select your Email Service Provider.

Step 2: Enter the URL to track.

Step 3: Enter optional UTMs.

Adding the Google UTM values will also mean GatorLeads will understand how your contact has reached the site such as having a campaign name of your mailing.

(referrer: google, yahoo, newsletter_0602)
(marketing medium: cpc, banner, email)
(product, promo code, or slogan)
(use to differentiate ads)

Step 4: Create your tracking URL.

Add a tracking URL using MailChimp

Here's an simple example of how in Mailchimp you would copy the link and paste into your email campaign. When creating a link in the campaign just paste it into the Web address (URL)

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