Health and Beauty

Create beautiful experiences across email, SMS and website

Create personalised experiences that are as unique as your customers’ needs. Help customers discover their new favourite products and keep them coming back time and time again.

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Nothing is more personal than health and beauty

Health and beauty consumers have high expectations. They know what works for them — and what doesn’t. We let you tap into the unique needs and preferences of each customer to deliver personalised experiences that drive long-term loyalty.

Get to know your customers

Gather vital information about your customers through interactive surveys and preference centres. Encourage them to share their product preferences, beauty needs and health goals.

Segment visitors with real-time behavioural profiling

Create dynamic segments based on real-time browsing behaviour to deliver personalised recommendations and targeting.

Help customers discover their new favourite products

Health and beauty consumers are a picky bunch, so your product recommendations need to be on point. Our recommendation engine can surface the right products based on their unique profile and purchase history

Tempt them to spend a little more

Grow order values with cross-sell and upsell recommendations. Highlight products that are commonly purchased together based on different needs and goals. Encourage shoppers to upgrade to larger sizes. Tempt impulse buyers to spend more as they go to checkout

Keep them buying again and again

Make sure they never go without their favourite products with automated replenishment campaigns. Establish triggers based on the average lifespan for each product to deliver your campaign at the right time.

Manage subscription services

Automate the entire lifecycle of your subscription services — from sign-up through to renewal.

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