Marketing Automation:
Why Should Sales Team Care?

Get notified the second a lead interacts with your email or visits your website. Track every interaction and get a list of hot leads which are ready for a sales call.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.


It’s a misunderstanding that marketing automation software tools are purely for the use of marketing teams and not the sales team.

The B2B sales process can be a complex one and sales teams are looking for tools and software that can help increase their productivity, shorten the sales cycle and achieve better conversion rates.

86% of marketers that use an automation solution said the greatest benefit was improving lead nurturing and management. But, importantly for the sales team, what marketing automation can do is provide valuable information about leads on their website and informs them about a prospect’s interest. It can also provide a bounty of new leads they weren’t even aware of.

Let’s Go Fishing for Leads

Sales are always after someone to call. Rather than ‘fishing’ through the yellow pages, how about ‘fishing’ in a pond of hot leads?

That’s exactly the option you have as you can see companies and individuals on your website that are not contacting you but are showing buying intent. You now just need to reel them in.

Monitor lead activity

You have some key accounts you are targeting. Wouldn’t it be good as a salesperson to be able to see how often in the last 30 days they have been on your site and the content they have consumed?

Understanding what a prospect cares about will help you get prepped for your call/demo.

Qualify Before You Call

Why not automate your qualification process so you can spend more time doing what has to be done by a human? We automatically generate key sales information, including company size, history, employee contact information, and more. Integrate this information with your CRM so you can get as much information on your leads as possible, which will assist with qualifying.

Alert… Hot Lead Waiting

Tired and frustrated with digging through piles and piles of unqualified leads just to find someone who’s ready and willing to buy.

Not only is this a waste of time, but it’s also a poor allocation of resources. Marketing automation will be able to identify and alert the sales team of hot leads so they can focus their efforts where they will produce the best results.

Should Sales Teams Actually Use Marketing Automation? Only if they want to unearth a bounty of leads, focus on the leads that are showing intent (the hot ones), get alerted when their prospects are on the website and close more deals. So that’s a yes then!

Core focus on strategy
Deeper knowledge on lead and customer behaviour
More traffic, buyers and greater retention and loyalty
Personalise communications
Prioritise sales leads
Increased ROI / Marketing Attribution
What’s worked and what hasn’t can now be answered

Nurture your leads. Automatically if you dare.

You know the call… it’s like clockwork. The salesperson who calls every three months and asks “are you ready to buy yet?”. Just a tad annoying and in all honesty not that successful. What is beneficial for a salesperson is being able to point their lead in the direction of valuable information on the website. One which helps answer their problem or question you previously discussed in a sales call.

Once on your website, you can also track other content and topics that matter to them. This makes ongoing sales interactions more meaningful but also more measurable due to the proper use of a marketing automation tool.


Real-time lead monitoring.

Knitting separate tools together and having disjointed views is the stuff of nightmares. Our software creates a complete snapshot of what prospects are doing on your website.

This is important for sales teams because an integrated tool allows you to monitor activity so that you can continue to test new strategies easier and fix them faster. The ability to capture the data and map it against triggers and alerts in a marketing automation tool creates more powerful outcomes for sales teams.


Score leads

Marketing automation helps identify your hottest leads with simple lead scoring. Specific scores are applied to interactions on website page visits, email interaction, social interaction, company information and content they engage with.

We have a structure and methodology that will allow you to set the scores that will maximise the amount of hot leads to call and then the rest can be left for marketing to nurture and warm up.


Give your visitors a nudge

Yes, they used to be annoying, but that’s because the options and functionality available were limited. NOW, popups are an amazing way of helping decrease your bounce rate and increase the number of pages visitors hit.

You can also personalise the content of the popup based on the source of the traffic. All helping generate more leads and contacts to nurture.


Every campaign needs a unique post-click experience.

You’ve worked hard (and paid good money) to get someone to click from LinkedIn, Google or Facebook. Don’t miss the chance to convert those clicks by sending visitors to a generic homepage. Landing pages can help maximise those clicks and turn them into leads.


Get Social Working for B2B

You spend a lot of time on social channels and curating content. But not sure if social is driving traffic and generating leads?

Not only can you see the companies coming from your social efforts and triggers emails to individuals clicking from those channels, but we also have a tool that can help you grow your social reach, boost engagement and attract leads.

Finally, you can now justify the existence of social as part of your marketing mix.


Content marketing and automation

A common way to generate leads is to offer great content, like white papers, guides, infographics, videos and brochures. But you don’t want to give this highly prized content away for free. We offers you all possibilities to ‘gate’ this content in a structured way. You create forms and landing pages quickly and easily and you can integrate these forms into your website. Also follow up with automatic email campaigns you can send contacts to keep them warm. You can even set them to receive a series of nurturing emails after their request to guide them further in the purchasing process.

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Conversion driven marketing

Generally one of B2B marketers most important KPIs is to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). The quality of the leads and the intent shown determine how well and how quickly the sales teams can convert them into opportunities. 

With our AI powered marketing automation, B2B marketers can utilise a toolset that will help them convert more leads:

  • with gated content marketing with forms and landing pages on their website.
  • with events in which they attend.
  • through nurturing campaigns of existing leads
  • through uploading purchased data
  • by seeing who is on your website
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