Great CPD features
offering endless possibilities

Get full control over your data and a single customer view with and omnichannel CDP. Explore our personalisation module that adds personalised elements to every webpage. Put our Journey Builder to work by building and sending real time comms . Find everything you need below.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.


360 degree profile

Get a clear overview of all relevant data for every single customer or lead. Who they are, which events have been triggered and which ‘buying phase’ they are currently in.

The profiles combine CRM-data with their online behavior. Use these 360 degree profiles to build high-quality target audiences or zoom in on an individual level. All data fields allow for complete customisation, making your data overview truly yours.


Change images, content, buttons, whole pages even – welcome to the the power of personalisation

Spotler offers a personalisation toolbox that you won’t find in any other CDP. This ensures that your website adapts to each individual visitor, depending on preferences, purchase phase, web pages visited or many other criteria.

It makes sense to optimise your personalisations from time to time, which is why we’ve incorporated A/B testing into our CDP as well. Quick and easy, establishing what works and tweaking to perfecting.


Endless audience possibilities

With an abundance of data collection points, you can quickly build relevant target groups. Our audience builder will help you structure your audiences in no time. Use website events (i.e. product or page views, UTM data and more) or shared characteristics (male, female, location, etc…) that combine into the exact targeting segments you need.

With Audience Builder, you get endless combinations of events and characteristics in an intuitive and user friendly builder. When ready, your audiences can be targeted on your website, social media, through display ads or in email campaigns. Our audience builder offers you structured groups to help you manage endless possibilities.


The magic happens when the channels align

A cross-channel approach is the holy grail in online marketing and Spotler makes it easier than ever! Effortlessly target your audiences on external channels. In no time, you will build buyer journeys that adapt to your customers behaviour. Spotler’s channel synchronisation allows the marketing magic to happen. Discover what this could mean for your business.


Drag, drop, test, tweak – build your one of a kind journey

If you grew up building lego houses, you will love our unique drag and drop Journey Builder. Smoothly drag your journey elements into the right order and create a beautifully mapped overview of all possible scenarios. Make it more exciting and incorporate real time triggers to communicate with external channels. Whichever journey you design, Spotler’s meticulously measures how visitors react to it. This way, you will immediately see what works and what doesn’t. Tweaking was never this easy.


Pleasantly surprised your visitors and convert

Getting your recommendations right is core for every marketer. Whether we’re talking about products or services, Spotler will help you predict and offer up the right recommendations at exactly the right time. By applying collaborative filtering, you will be able to determine relevance in terms of product types and purchase timing.

Switching between complementing items or alternatives, real time on site messaging or ads through external channels, every method is easily programmed and its results effectively measured.


Making sure your gut instinct is delivering real results

Marketing instinct and a magic touch have always been essential in creating successful campaigns. Historically, the level at which a marketing campaign was considered to be successful would highly depend on immeasurable factors. Fast Forward to the Spotler era, where every instinct and magic touch can be measured, tested and valued on auto pilot. Spotler enables automated A/B testing, offering real results and significant decision making when it comes to implementing new ideas. A/B Autopilot testing establishes an ideal marketing collaboration of man and machine.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.