Spotler Support Charter – Service Levels

The Customer Experience

We will endeavour to provide you with an excellent level of service – from the minute you decide to make Spotler your preferred choice of Email Marketing Software through to when you require our assistance, advice or technical support. We will ensure that our information about you is complete and up to date and that, at every touch point, we are able to support you to the best of our ability. We are committed to ensuring that our software provides you with optimum functionality and, to this end, we will endeavour to understand your business, listen to your feedback and ensure that, where appropriate, this will be input into our future development as we continue to improve our product. We know that providing initial training is just where the journey begins and it is important to us that the person, or people, using the product have the skill and the confidence to use Spotler to gain maximum benefit for your company. We can provide training consultancy that will enable them to use Spotler either in its simplest form or in a more sophisticated and strategic way. If the trained user(s) of Spotler have a technical issue, they will be able to log this with our support desk. In the event that a new member of staff joins or an existing user is replaced then it is important that you arrange for them to attend our training course.

Logging your Support Request and Resolution Times

When you log a call by telephone, you will talk, in the first instance, to one of our Customer Service Advisors, or if you email, they will reply. We strive to provide a First Level Response within one hour of a call being logged for 85% of all calls. For your guidance, the following provides information on how we prioritize your call and the service level we aim to achieve in 95% of calls:

Priority & Resolution Time Description
High – 8 (working) hours You have an important and time critical campaign scheduled to go out in the next 24 hours, or you preparing a future campaign, and one or more of the following is preventing you from doing this: Unable to load data Unable to access software Software crashes Unable to send test emails Campaign won’t send A design issue (using a template created by Spotler)
Medium – 16 (working) hours You have a campaign scheduled to go out in the next 3 days and your issue is preventing you from doing this.
Low – 10 (working) days You have product related issues but no campaign set for next 10 days
Request for Product Enhancement This will be passed to our Development Team for potential inclusion in a later Product Release
Advice If you require advice from Spotler in order to optimise your usage of the product your request will be passed to your Account Manager who will contact you.

Disclaimer: Resolution times may vary based on the complexity of the issue. We acknowledge this variability and will make every effort to address challenges promptly. Unforeseen circumstances may impact resolution times, and we appreciate your understanding in such cases. 

Support Information

Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Our dedicated Support Team comprises:

  • Customer Support Advisors (First Line Support) whose primary task will be to take details of your query and will ask you to provide as much information as possible. This will be entered into our system and allocated a priority status and you will receive a confirmation email providing you with the Call Reference Identification Number. Our Customer Support Advisors will endeavour to resolve your issue straight away, it may be necessary however for this to be dealt with by one of our Technical Advisors.
  • Technical Advisors (2nd Line Support) who are there to deal with application-related technical issues.
  • Senior Technical Advisors (3rd Line Support) – if our 2nd Line Support Team are unable to resolve your issue they will ask one of the Senior Technical Team for advice however, in some cases, it might be necessary to pass your issue to them for a resolution.

Our team members work very closely with each other and all have access to your account information; therefore any follow up enquiries you may have can be dealt with by any one of our Advisors. If they identify that further training is required they will try to help you in the first instance and then inform your Account Manager who will contact you to arrange this. You will also be able to track progress of your issue yourself, should you wish, by logging on to the Spotler Portal. Details of how you do this are issued, via email, when you log a call with us. If, for reasons beyond our control, we are unable to resolve your issue within our SLA (Service Level Agreement) guidelines provided in this document we will keep you informed of progress.

Escalation Procedure

If at any time you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided you should, in the first instance, contact your Account Manager, who will bring your issue to the attention of our Customer Services Manager. Your concerns will then be investigated and you will receive a response as soon as all the information is to hand.

Important Information

Spotler on License If you have Spotler Software installed on your premises then, in the event that you need technical support, a member of our team will require access to your environment. If we are unable to gain the necessary access we will be unable to meet our SLA commitment and will re-grade the status to Medium priority and set it as Delayed. Once we are able to progress your ticket will be re-opened. Further details of how this may happen will be outlined to you at the time.

High Priority Calls

If your issue has been designated a status of High Priority we understand how important it is to provide a resolution in line with our SLA however, in circumstances beyond our control, this may not be possible. For example if we have requested crucial information from you and there is a delay in us receiving this or you are unable to meet a critical deadline due to absence. If, as outlined above, we are unable to resolve your issue then we will re-grade the status to Medium priority and set it as Delayed. Once we are able to progress your ticket will be re-opened. Our Support Line is open from 8:30am until 6:00pm (9.5 working hours) Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 01483 911 411 Option 2 or by emailing Other ways we can help: At Spotler we have a wealth of knowledge that is available to you:

If you would like comment on your experience please email us at

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