With Christmas just around the corner, your seasonal campaigns and offers are bound to be wrapped up and ready to send. But could the triggered emails you have set up all year round do with a touch festive magic?

In this blog post we explore five triggered emails eCommerce brands can send this Christmas, that are specially tailored to the season. Read on to discover how to make the most of the merriments with your marketing automations!

1) Christmas welcome campaign

Creating a series of welcome emails that introduce your brand and set the scene for a great relationship with the consumer is a no-brainer. They help to greet your new subscribers and nudge them along on their way to their first purchase.

If you already have welcome campaigns in place, try creating a tailored version of these with Christmas messaging.

Make the way you introduce your brand relevant to the specific needs your audience may have over Christmas. This is a memorable way to ensure your welcome campaign resonates over the festive period.

Here’s a great example from Walmart of this tactic in action:

Walmart Christmas welcome email

2) Seasonal product replenishment

Replenishment automations are an ideal way to remind people to buy products again when they’re about to run out. It just takes a bit of thought to calculate when that might be.

With seasonal products, a well-timed replenishment email is a great way to entice consumers to buy what they enjoyed last year once again.

Whether it’s Christmas crackers, or several bottles of bubbly—reminding people to re-purchase is a personal touch that helps them get ready for the big day. Don’t forget to check that you aren’t reminding people about products that may have been one-off gifts, though.

3) Wintery abandonment email

Basket abandonment emails are a simple way to increase your chances of recovering revenue that you might otherwise have lost. They help drive shoppers who may have been a little unsure, or have gotten distracted, back to your site to purchase.

So, how can you make these seasonal?

If you can identify products that are likely to be being purchased as gifts, tailor your basket abandonment email copy around gifting. Remind shoppers about gift receipts, your returns policy, and delivery times.

Alternatively, just give your abandonment emails a wintery feel with Christmas related scenes and imagery. This example from the travel brand Mark Warner will help give you some ideas:

Mark Warner winter holiday abandonment email

4) Festive social proof

If your brand personality allows you to go fully festive, then making your social proof seasonal is a fun thing to try.

Rather than showing that ten fellow fashion followers are browsing a product, how about ten of Santa’s little elves? Or turn your star ratings into snowflakes or baubles to give your reviews a festive feel.

5) Ribbon-wrapped re-engagement

Christmas is a time for reconnecting with those you might only see once a year, so why not use it to theme your re-engagement emails?

This gives you a chance to catch people in a sentimental mood and make them feel merry about your brand again.

Here’s a snowflake themed re-engagement email example from Lastminute.com that shows how you can do this super simply, and in your brand colours:

Lastminute.com Christmas re-engagement email


We hope these triggered email ideas help you get your marketing automations twinkling this November and December.

As the festive madness draws to a close and you’re starting to think about budgets for 2018-19, investing in new marketing automation technology may be on the horizon.

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