Christmas is coming, and we’re sure any eCommerce brand out there is busy implementing their well-thought-out email campaigns.

But the brands who have been particularly prepared this year may find themselves twiddling their thumbs. Their campaigns are drafted and scheduled to be sent out. But there’s still some time until the big day.

For those who are looking to squeeze out a little extra revenue in 2023, then this blog post is just for you.

Read on for 5 last-minute eCommerce campaigns to increase revenue before the end of the year.

Last-minute gift suggestions

We’ve all been there.

December is a busy month. Blink and it’s almost Christmas. And you realise you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for your third cousin twice removed.

Last-minute gift suggestions are not only a Christmas-saver for those less-organised shoppers. It’s also a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to squeeze in a few more festive sales.

These product suggestions should be based only on items that have a fast turnaround time and can be delivered quickly. Other than that, you can get creative with the products you wish to include.

You could give the products that haven’t performed so well a little extra promotion. Or, you could focus on your best sellers which are more likely to get snapped up.

You could even group your suggestions into categories to create a gift guide. For instance, gifts for mums, dads, siblings, grandparents, friends, or colleagues.

Last minute gift Suggestion Email Marketing Example

Post-holiday promotions

Once the gifts have been opened, the turkey has been eaten, and the Christmas tree is starting to wilt, there’s one thing on people’s minds.

New Year.

Whether your recipients are gearing up for a new year party to remember, or are desperately looking forward to detox to undo their festive indulgence. There are lots of opportunities to promote products that may not have been so popular in the run-up to Christmas.

So create some post-holiday promotional campaigns to engage with your recipients in that strange period between Christmas and New Year.

These could be suits and sparkly dresses for those New Year’s parties. Party food and decorations for those family get-togethers. Or health foods, vitamins, and gym wear for those who just can’t wait for the festivities to end.

Alternatively, you can get a little more sophisticated with your product suggestions by using dynamic content alongside behavioural and purchase data.

This means you can include the most relevant items to every single individual. Whether that be the types of products, brands, or price points that they regularly purchase at.

Post Holiday Promotions Email Marketing Example

Say thank you

Brands can take this opportunity at the end of the year to thank their customers. This could be all of their customers, or maybe just those who have been the most frequent spenders.

And of course, as much as customers love a thank you, they love a discount even more. To show their gratitude, brands can incorporate a time-limited discount code that needs to be used before the end of the year.

Not only is this giving something back to the customer base, but it also encourages some extra sales before 2024 comes in.

Say thank you for customer loyalty email marketing example

End-of-year round-up

As well as giving thanks to your customers for supporting you this year, they may also be interested in a round-up from your brand.

Whilst some updates on your latest company developments may be of curiosity, to increase your revenue we recommend focusing on the products that performed really well in 2021.

You can use this round-up to promote your most popular and best-selling products of the year. And if you can accompany these products with social proof such as reviews and ratings from your happy customers – then even better.

This can be positioned as a useful product recommendation guide for your recipients. After all, if your customers are snapping these products up, chances are they’ll be of interest to your other customers too

Again, you can use dynamic content along with previous purchases and behavioural data to tailor these items to the recipient. For instance, if your recipient often buys women’s clothes, you can do a roundup of the most popular dresses in 2021.

End of year round up email marketing example

Early access to January sales

Who says that you have to wait for January to launch your January sales?

Consider promoting a pre-launch of your January sale, including some of the items you know are going to sell out fast.

This could be to your entire database on a first-come-first-serve basis. Or, if you have segments of particularly loyal or regular spenders, you can open up your sale for these VIPs.

If the idea of launching a January sale so soon makes you feel dizzy, then how about you tease your email recipients so they are ready when January 1st comes around?

You could include teaser products and promotions to give them an insight into what would be included. Or even an email offering them an opt-in for emails regarding sale updates or first access.

All of this should pique their interest so they are first in line when your sale starts.

Early access to sales emails

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