Would you like to tame a personalised approach on your social media platforms and keep them in tip top condition? Get ready because this blog will be sharing some special tips and tricks with you on how to integrate website personalisation with social media! Social media is a wonderful tool, and we should take full advantage of it, right?

Using UTMs to Personalise Content

Have you ever wondered how many clicks your social media posts are generating? How much traffic is being driven towards your website using social media? And whether those clicks are turning into conversions?

Optimise your performance through social media click rates by receiving relevant clicks by the right people, ultimately generating high-quality traffic towards your website. Let us tell how exactly how.

Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM), as you might have guessed by the name, are a special tracking device that recognise specific and exact sources of where your traffic has come from. Knowing the exact content that had led to the traffic could help you receive a better insight on what provoked your customers to click on the link.

Once you have a better idea of the type of content your customer has been clicking on, their interests, demographics, and behaviour, you can then tailor your social media content uplifting its value and relevancy.

Retargeting Campaigns

What is retargeting? This is the method of sending tailored advertising to people who have interacted with your social media posts by clicking on the embedded links, but then leave their interaction half-finished. For example, if the post redirects the customer to the link of buying a specific product, and they interact with this by clicking on the link and they add the item to their cart, but then do not complete the transaction, you can retarget them with a personalised message on the social media platform from which they engaged with your post by showing ads of the same product they looked at earlier. This is done through dynamic ads as it enables you to advertise dynamic content that is specifically tailored towards the interests of the reader.

An example of a retargeted campaign using social media is Expedia. A portion of Expedia’s big-name credits go to their extraordinary retargeting campaign strategy. Expedia uses UTM tracking to identify website visitors who come along but then leave without booking a getaway. They then use their retargeting system to create tailored ads that pop up on the visitor’s social media platforms, promoting related deals to the ones they were recently browsing.

Similarly, Expedia also uses Facebook to promote many things such as great last-minute getaway deals with a ‘book now’ link. This book now link constitutes of UTM tracking, so people who clicked this link and browsed flights and hotels without completing a purchase were later retargeted on the same social media platform [Facebook] with now a different ad encouraging them to book because ‘time is ticking’.

Presenting tailored content on social media platforms makes your customers feel more understood, which would result in them repeatedly returning to you. Especially on social media where the norm is a much more humanised approach rather than a robotic environment.

Personalised Videos

You must have seen how video content is a big hit on social media. But check this out – recently, brands haven’t been nervous to take it up a notch to compose personalised videos! We predict personalised video marketing will be the next hub for advertising through social media. Firing up this bad boy move, it has been about a half a decade since Facebook had first introduced personalised videos for its users showing them their friendship history with particular people by having a heartfelt lookback at the years gone by.

Using this tactic, Cadbury ran a campaign on Facebook by asking for permission to collect data from their fans’ profiles such as age, location, some interests, and a few personal photos. This information was gathered to automatically generate a match for the user to a particular flavour of chocolate, generating a fully personalised video that combined all the information together. Every user had their own special video dedicated to only them. The campaign was a significant success with 90% of viewers watching their videos till the end, and generous proportion even sharing these, resulting in a 33% conversion rate.

If you want to get ahead of the game, get your hands dirty in some personalised video making as soon as you can. We guarantee it will take you a long and far way!

Personalised Quizzes

Quizzes are a fantastic method to engage your audience whilst simultaneously gather required information to personalise user experiences. A bonus here is that the audience is inclined to share the quizzes onto their friends, giving you an effortlessly wider reach.

An energy producing and supplying company called Eneco had seen exceptional results of over 1,000 conversions all through a single a quiz made on Facebook. These results were five times more than expected.

Eneco had launched a campaign to target and retarget website visitors with their quiz that was aimed at calculating a good indication of what it would cost them to buy a home charger for their electric cars. The quiz received back a big load of information for Eneco to later use when sending out targeted emails to these prospects based on the answers that they had provided in their quiz. This was a great tactic for the company to capture lead data followed by some good conversions.

Personalise Your Social Media Now

You can’t possibly say you’ve got the hang of social media marketing if you do not use a tailored approach by exploiting personalised advertising using social media. When everybody is competing for the attention of the same group of people, it becomes crucial to personalise your message to convey a sense of recognition and belongingness.

But of course, what is the benefit to go through all efforts to maximise customer experiences on social media if there is no success monitor? Well, we are always here to help and would never want your efforts to go to waste. That is why we have a pre-eminent social media analytics tool called GatorSocial that allows you to monitor the success of each of your social media posts and campaigns. You can utilise our tool to identify whether your personalised ads are receiving good enough engagement to implement a personalised approach on a more consistent basis. Easy!

Want to stay in the social media game? Then it’s time to uplift your services by retargeting those lost customers and capturing some good leads with a personalised approach on your social media platforms. Thank us later.