Top Ten Reasons to Switch to GatorSocial

We asked our top performing customers, who have already made the switch to GatorSocial about the benefits of using it compared to their previous social media management tool. And this is what they told us.   

1. Detailed reporting by campaign

You can view granular data from any posts, clicks, engagement (likes, shares, comments, follows) and conversionsAll at a campaign level (e.g. blogs, events, industry news, sectors, divisions, brands, hot topics etc) as well as with individual posts.

Clearly see which posts and campaigns convert the most leads, so you can plan forward a social media strategy that bring results and makes the time you spend worthwhile.



The biggest pro for us with GatorSocial is the analytics. I can filter it down, by channel i.eLinkedIn, so I can plan and schedule my posts accordingly to what works best.
Montana Quinton, Marketing Executive (Nano Analysis), Oxford Instruments. 

2. Campaign Calendar

You can easily see all the posts you have sent or scheduled month by month. It enables you to know when to schedule, so you won’t over post too much at the same time. It gives you a clear view on what is going out, on which day and where you have some gaps to fill.

Colour coded by campaign or business unit, you can clearly see in an instant what sort of content you have planned to post, and when. And seeing all those colours is really satisfying knowing that your channels are going to be busy in the coming weeks and months!  


Campaign Calendar

“The calendar view shows how many posts you have going out that day so you know when to schedule new posts and not overload at the same time.”

 3. Autoposter

You are able to automatically post to multiple profiles and schedule them to run over a period of time. To save precious timeyou can duplicate posts and schedule the same post to appear multiple times throughout your calendar.  


“The best feature is being able to duplicate posts and schedule the same post multiple times. I also like that it gives suggestions of hashtags.

4. Import and schedule multiple posts in a few clicks 

You can set up a CSV file of multiple posts, send it to colleagues to add or amend and then import it in order to schedule those posts automatically over a period of time 

“Spotler’s social media manager has really helped our marketing team get a broader view of the impact of our social media campaigns. Not only can I instantly upload event invites, blogs and other content on to all our social platforms simultaneously, I’m also able to accurately track every single bit of customer interaction on my marketing channels.”

5. Automatic UTM tracking and link shortening

The UTM tagging feature is unique and automatically loads UTM presets for each link, making that one less thing you have to do manually. Each link is shortened once the post is live so again, no more going to to shorten your links. It’s all in one place.

Many GatorSocial users are over the moon with this feature, as having to spend time setting up UTMs and shortening links was something that bugged them before they switched. 



The two biggest advantages that drew me to trying GatorSocial were being able to split the social posts into separate campaigns and the fact that the UTMs are automatically created which is a big time saver!
Jess LittleMarketing Executive, Q Software 

6. Target posts by geography

You can tag your location in twitter or target your audience at city level. For Facebook you can target based on Geography and for LinkedIn there are several targeting options. This comes in handy when you are running local events or doing promotions for specific regions.

Segmenting your audience and making your posts more personal will naturally increase engagement levels.  

“I liked the idea of being able to perform various parts of my work (i.e. social posts, email campaigns etc.) all in one place.” 

 7. One click Reports and Previews 

Straight from the calendar, you can get an overview of analytics from your post at just one click. 

You can also click on each calendar post to preview how it looks. With GatorSocialthere is so much detail at your fingertips.  


You can get a top-level view of scheduled and previous content and get an insight into the analytics and be able to automate your content. 

8. The Dashboard

This gives you a complete overview of all your activity. Posts sent, link clicks, conversions, a graph of monthly posts, quick numbers of your recent campaigns and a useful ROI score measures the monetary value of each conversion. All of this helps you see how your social activity is going, at a glance.  

We were using lots of different platforms – Mailchimp, Buffer and others, so having the same platform to do lots of different things was why we switched. We weren’t happy with our web analytics so Spotler has given us a better way to track who we’re targeting.
Marcio Leiria, Marketing Executive, Ampetronic.

9. Stored Messages and Images to reuse

We like to give marketers the holy grail – more time. And this clever feature enables you to reuse message and images on different platforms or profiles (for now or later).

Being able to access copy and images from your media library in an instant, saves time going elsewhere to search for them or writing brand new posts each time.

It’s these nifty features that make GatorSocial such a valuable tool.


You can store images in the image library and reuse them across posts which saves you time.
Mike Anscombe, Digital Marketing Executive, PAA Group.

10. Post directly onto personal LinkedIn profiles

Do you wish your colleagues would share your LinkedIn posts more often or even at all? An effective way of guaranteeing this is being able to post directly onto their profiles from GatorSocial.

You can set up current and future posts to be sent from their account. All you need is their login details and you can remove the work from them and easily do it for them.  

We do a lot of content leveraging through personal profiles into groups. And rather than asking the sales team to post it, I am able to just get their permission to access their profiles and do it from one central location rather than having to switch out in between six or seven different LinkedIn accounts. 
Sean Hickey, Marketing Manager, Martek Marine.

For more about employee advocacy and how to use your metrics properly, tune into That Marketing Podcast for That Social Media Episode.   

Now, you’ve heard it directly from our customers who use it. GatorSocial has become part of their daily marketing toolkit and they haven’t looked back. So why not give GatorSocial a go?

If you’re already using GatorMail or GatorLeads, it’s free and easy to use and is already loaded onto your dashboard so all you need to do is log in and create your first post.

For help setting up, speak to your account manager or watch this useful video 

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