Super Tuscans – if you like Red Wine, you should really try ‘em

Super Tuscans – if you like Red Wine, you should really try ‘em 

 Being restricted due to laws of those supposedly in partnership with you seems like a silly battle to be fighting don’t you think? If you go to someone with an issue and you have a solution that will benefit all, surely it makes sense to break from the traditionalist approach and modernise for the sake of not being left behind? The same principles apply when talking about Marketing Automation, IP Look-Up and the CRMs hold the data. As you explore the email marketing landscape, you will find those also unwilling to break these values with the idea of what they have and how they run it being the best and only viable option… but not here.

Here at Spotler UK, we believe that your way is the best way, and we will always try to accommodate how you think you should run your company. That is why our platform integrates with any CRM of your choosing. From Dynamics 365 to a bespoke platform of your creation, we will always find a way because unlike the Tuscan traditionalists you will hear about in just a second, we believe in letting you make your wine your way, we simply offer you the grapes and bottles to do so.

And now here’s Tim:

‘Super Tuscan’ wines have only been around for 50 years and most of them are made, not surprisingly, in Tuscany in the middle of Italy.

One of Tuscany’s most famous wines is Chianti and the wine rules are very strict that only Sangiovese grapes can be used. Some of the Tuscan wine makers wanted to blend in other grapes but that wasn’t allowed – so the scamps broke away and produced some awesome award-winning wines, calling them simply, Toscana Rosso.

So the wines rules for Super Tuscans, yup the authorities changed them in the 1990s, now allow wine makers to be more creative by adding non-indigenous grapes into the local Sangiovese. In particular Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes.

One of the most famous ones is Antinori’s Tignanello and you can pick up a bottle for about £170.00! It’s a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon & 5 % Cabernet Franc.

You can expect Super Tuscans to be a real mouthful of cherries, plums and spices, just delicious. It probably won’t say ‘Super Tuscan’ on the label so you’ll need to ask your wine supplier. To add a little more confusion to the mix other wine regions have also started producing Sangiovese blend!

If you fancy trying one then this beauty from Paolo Masi ticks all the boxes. Paolo makes Chianti and Chianti Reserva and also blends his Sangiovese with a little Cabernet Sauvignon to produce their Super Tuscan, Erte e China. The result is a dense red with dark cherry and mocha notes. There’s a decent 20 % saving off the RRP of £14.49 and the UK delivery charge is reduced to £ 3.49.

This offer is only available from the Laithwaites Store in Surbiton and to order just send SPOTLER20 – SUPERTUSCAN to


We thank Tim for his opinions.



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