Start worry-free with SpotlerUK thanks to the amazing support we offer as standard

Software with a Service

SpotlerUK is more than software. We offer you a worry-free start with to help you improve your performance. We offer complete onboarding, where we create the necessary templates, database integrations and technical setup of your account. You will also receive free user training and a dedicated account manager. If you have any questions about using Spotler, you can always call or live chat with the support team directly. This way we guarantee software without frustration!

We support you every step of the way

Don’t you hate it when you have to figure everything out yourself when you start using a new software! That’s why we have an onboarding programme and amazing support to make sure you get running straight away. As soon as you become a customer, we will work with you on the following step-by-step plan:

1. Create and set up an account

After you have chosen Spotler, our onboarding team will contact you. The will ask about your requirements and will ensure that everything is arranged the way you want, including:

  • Registration of sending domains
  • Correct page scoring
  • Structure of database fields
  • Account settings (sender name, reply address)

2. Template design

During onboarding, your templates for sending campaigns and your landing pages will also be setup. Our specialists will work with to get the designs done. You can also choose from one of our standard templates or supply a design that we convert into your account for you.

Standard template

 Choose an existing HTML template
 Choose colors and a font
 Provide logo and contact information
 Delivery (mobile responsive) template

Template design

 Intake and briefing
 Choose up to 10 types of content blocks
 Template design + HTML template
 Maximum 2 rounds of correction
 Delivery (mobile responsive) template

Conversion template

 Deliver a pixel-perfect design
 Convert design to HTML template
 Control round
 Delivery (mobile responsive) template

3. Integration with CRM

If you want to be linked to your CRM system, we will help you with that. We have more than 10 standard CRM connectors on the shelf that we can set up for you, with or without your CRM partners.

We also have an open API where you can create your own link. Don’t have a system to connect to? Then we will do a data import of your current file for you.

4. Product Training 

We also plan user training during onboarding and for new users. In our training room in Guildford or at your offices, you will become familiar with the software in over a couple of days.

Professional Training 

You will receive an details training on all products within the platform and you will learn how to successfully send emails, how to use forms and surveys, and how to set up page scoring and nurture campaigns. We will also inspire you with examples and best practices.

Lead Generation Workshop

Learn how to apply marketing automated for lead generation purposes. We will spend a day with your team taking you through our lead generation handbook. We will shouw examples of successful automated campaigns and lead generation ideas. The advantage of this workshop is that you get to discuss ideas with our experts and your peers and end up with a plan of action to help you start generating leads.

5. Guidance with the first send

When your account is completely set up and you are ready to send your first camapign, we will make sure we are on hand to wipe away any of the fears of hitting send on that first campaign.

And we don;t leave it there. We will also discuss the results with you two weeks after sending your first campaign!

6. Support for all your questions

No matter how nice our software is and how great your onboarding has been, you can always encounter a problem that you cannot solve yourself. Then it is nice to know that you can always contact and reach our support team by phone, email or live chat. We will help you immediately!

Want to know more about our software?

SpotlerUK is more than just software. You get unrivalled support and service and we help you implement a playbook for marketing automation and lead generation success. Schedule a demo without obligation and we'll happily discuss and show you how you can utilise marketing automation for your organisation.

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