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Keep your Sales team well fed with qualified and nurtured leads.

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Pie Charts

Start profiling from the first visit

Was it an email that drew your reader’s attention? A GIF on Instagram? Or a blog on Facebook? Knowing where they came from and what caught their eye is powerful information for your sales team to draw on.

Access names, job titles and email addresses for all your website visitors. No more battling gate-keepers to find out who you need to speak to, just call up and ask for your prospect by name.

Turn your traffic into leads

Never miss a lead again

Want to know when visitors are landing on a certain page? Or even a certain series of pages? Alerts can be fine-tuned to fit with the way you sell.

The Live Feed lets you see your website visitors in real time, so if that hot prospect appears on your website, you can be on the phone to them while you know you have their attention.

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Gator Leads Alerts

Add hot leads straight into your CRM

GatorLeads can automatically update an existing  CRM record with new activity, or create a new record.

The first step in preventing silos from forming in your business is to get every team working from the same information. Allow Sales to see all the marketing activity that goes into their leads. Let Marketing see what Sales are doing with their hard-won MQLs.

Spotler CRM Integrations

All the info for great sales calls

Mass marketing works fine for email, but Sales will thank you when you can give them exact details for every call that they make.

“I can see you were reading about our widget that does [x]” is a much stronger opening than “Can i speak to whoever is in charge of marketing?”

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