Dealing with Dupes

Simon & Sam’s Top Tips • EPISODE 01

You can’t do marketing without data. You just can’t. But with so many sources of leads, from emails and events to social media and SEO, how do you make sure every contact only appears once in your CRM?

In this video, Simon and Sam walk you through their method for keeping Spotler’s CRM free from duplicates:

The biggest reason this issue comes about:
“in our CRM, we’ve got a company called Ribbon Communications. Now that name of that company can already get us into a world of pain because if I was to buy this data or I’ve met somebody at an event, I’ve scanned them, and I want to upload that into CRM, they could be called Ribbon, they could be called Ribbon Communications, they could be called Ribbon Communications Limited, Ltd, PLC, a number of different variations ”

How “Unique domain” solves the problem:
“first of all, we’re going to clean up the domains and make sure that we can get rid of the ‘WWW.’. And we’re going to do a text-to-columns to get rid of everything after the dot and that will give us the unique domain which we’re going to use as the primary key to match the data.”

What the results were when we did it ourselves:
“We actually implemented this unique domain and updated all of the accounts in CRM that we had. We’ve got just over 120,000 accounts in CRM. We ended up deleting 9000 accounts using the unique domain, we managed to match that over 9000 accounts were duplicate.”

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