That Marketing Podcast

Marketing podcast for marketers by marketers. With special guests & industry experts; exploring strategies, tactics & techniques to grow your B2B business.

01 • That Artificial Intelligence Episode

Andrew van Aken from Ogilvy on all things AI; where to start, how your efforts can go wrong and who you should be watching for inspiration.

02 • That Account-Based Selling Episode

Digital marketing veteran Susan Hallam introduces Account-Based Marketing’s lesser-known cousin, Account-Based Selling, and shares her advice on how to start using it.

03 • That Marketing Strategy Episode

Chartered Marketer, board advisor and Vice-Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Leigh Hopwood shares her insights into how businesses approach strategy.

04 • That Purchased Data Episode

The DMA’s Director of Policy and Compliance, John Mitchison, untangles the web of regulations around GDPR, PECR, and ePrivacy, and addresses the question of using purchased data in marketing campaigns.

05 • That Social Media Episode

Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy, Jennifer Gutman, talks Employee Advocacy, managing social media in a crisis, and why “vanity metrics” do actually offer value.

06 • That Account Based Marketing Episode

Account-Based Marketing trainer and practioner Robert Norum takes us through the opportunities and pitfalls  of one of the most talked-about frameworks in marketing.

07 • That Marketing Platform Episode

Emma Dolby, Marketing Manager of Direct Air & Pipework, visits the podcast to talk about the setup she inherited coming into the role, what drove her desire for change, and how the transition to Spotler’s GatorSuite has made a difference to her team.

08 • That Events Episode

Amie Stankiste, Senior Director of Global Marketing at S&P Global Market Intelligence, shares her experience of the events process, from gaining internal buy-in to making sure you keep a laser focus on delivering what your audience wants from your content.

09 • That Bought Data Case Study Episode

Gemma Amond from Freeman Clark discusses why they use purchased data to drive their marketing, and shares key things to bear in mind when you’re buying data and starting to use it.

10 • That CRM Episode

John Cheney, founder and CEO of Workbooks, talks all things CRM, how to use it, what proper integration looks like, and what sort of data doesn’t need to be in there.

11 • That Telephone Sales Episode

The Telephone Assassin, Anthony Stears, shares his proven approach to selling, and explains how Marketing Automation can support your Sales team by warming up leads

12 • That Phrasee Episode

Parry Malm, co-founder and CEO of Phrasee, shares his views on things marketers often get wrong, from personalisation to data insights.

13 • That November Episode

14 • That December Episode

15 • That January Episode

16 • That February Episode

17 • That March Episode

18 • That April Episode

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