Spotler for eCommerce: 3 Ways To Turn Browsers Into Buyers | WEBEX

Are you doing a good job of bringing potential customers to your website, only to see them disappear without buying?

Spotler’s eCommerce solution gives you the tools you need to earn that last mile in the conversion journey:

• Product recommendations: offer the right products based on where your customer came from and what you know about them, so they don’t waste time searching your entire catalogue
• RFM Lookalike Targeting: spotted a trend in who buys a particular product? Show it to more people like them with targeted ads
• Stock & Price alerts; Lots of views on the page of a sold-out product? Proactively let them know when it’s back

Date and time
12 June 2024
14:00 - 14:30
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12 June 2024
Online event
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