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Email cold data or purchased data

As an outbound marketing method, being able to send emails to purchased lists under ‘legitimate interest’ is crucial , can generate good leads AND this cannot be done using Hubspot.

You want to be able to nurture all your contacts from CRM, including those that the sales team have entered manually – as long as they meet your killer values. One of the purposes of marketing is to nurture cold data contacts and warm them up in order to serve them to the sales team once they are ready to engage.

More ROI & leads from your paid ads

Tracking the ROI from PPC and LinkedIn campaigns can be challenging, and like most marketers, you are probably doing a lot more than sending email campaigns. Although, with Hubspot you might be able to track the traffic source if  the visitor fills in a webform you cannot track the companies actually clicking on those ads. So rather than for every 100 clicks, you will get 3 to 5 leads identified (form fill) that you could pass on to your sales team, you can get 10x more leads with IP tracking software.

Through its powerful IP tracking software, Spotler will enable your campaigns to work better and have a more accurate way to track your ROI.

AI powered marketing

Most marketers will include links in their emails in order to drive traffic back to their websites. The average CTR for cold data and lead generation campaigns tends to be just under 1%.

With our Ai powered marketing automation platform you can achieve much better than that! Start creating better content, more engaged contacts and get improved CTRs. You will start to see the reading age of you audience, what’s engages them and what things to change to improve those CTRs.

Grow your database faster!

We all know that automation starts with someone filling in a form. Hubspot has a web forms, but they cannot trigger PopUps to help more form fills and increase engagement on your website.

Studies have shown that PopUps are thirteen times more effective at generating clicks and opt-in subscribers than standard banners. Therefore, adding it to your design is a fantastic way to increase followers, get more opt-ins or market a product or service.

Convert more traffic into leads

The way people do business has considerably changed over the last decade. Most buyers will do their own research online before contacting a potential provider. The companies who have already visited your website are the most likely to convert and are therefore the best to target.

Hubspot cannot show you these unless the person has been already been cookied. So, it doesn’t really help with lead generation. We can show you who is on your website before they identify themselves.

A marketing automation suite that will grow with your businesses

Of course, as the market leader, HubSpot seem like the preferred choice. However, if you are an SME looking to grow then you want a marketing automation suite that grows with you. Spotler is the ideal platform to get started on.


We’ll help you manage your marketing automation

As well as the marketing automation suite, we offer a range of services too. Rather than outsourcing everything to agencies, you’ll be given a dedicated managed service team that will work with you to write, build and manage any number of marketing campaigns.

Keep your current CRM

One of the best parts about Spotler is our open API that allows us to integrate with any number of CRM’s. We have best-in-class integration for Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and Salesforce to name a few.

Focus on a lead generation approach

While HubSpot is very content driven and focus on search engine optimisation, we focus on lead generation and nurturing with content built in. To do this, we use IP tracking and auto-nurture tools. For UK businesses looking to make the most of their website visitors, we’re the platform for you.

Your support system

As an SME looking to grow, it’s important you have a support system for your marketing automation platform. That’s why we’ll get a dedicated marketing specialist to train you on the suite before giving you an account manager who can help manage any queries you have. We also have a support team who will respond to any tickets within 8 hours. 4 if it’s an emergency!

An affordable alternative

HubSpot’s basic package may seem cheaper than ours but once you add in all the extras (agency fees, email list sizes…etc.), you’ll actually find we’re the more affordable option. For functionality purposes, we often come in under in price by around 60%.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.