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Ready to do smarter Lead generation?

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that can just send out your weekly newsletter then Campaign Monitor will do the job. But if you’re looking for an email provider that can enable your lead generation strategy, Spotler is the provider for you.

More of what B2B marketers need

Sending a generic email once a week to every contact you have might have worked in the past, but it’s no longer good enough for generating high-quality B2B leads. With our contact-level tracking, you can target your email marketing to prospects who are already on your website. We’ll also let you work with purchased data lists, as long as they are GDPR compliant.

Your all-in-one marketing automation tool

While Campaign Monitor has integrations with a range of other tools, they won’t give you lead generation, website tracking and lead scoring tools under one roof. They also don’t have their own tool to manage your events or run your social media profiles. If you’re looking to manage and report on all your marketing channels in a single place, our platform is designed for you.

More tools, still easy to use

We know that Campaign Monitor is simple to use. But for what B2B marketers really need, it’s too basic. If you want features like dynamic content capabilities, or a profile centre to make complex email campaigns easy to manage, you need Spotler.

Support by phone, in person, or over email

Yes, Campaign Monitor will only tie you in for one month at a time, but you’ll have to make do with only email-based support. Any issues you come across will have to wait until they get back to you. At Spotler, on the other hand, you’ll receive a dedicated marketing specialist to train you up and an account manager to help you with any marketing campaign. Our account managers make sure they visit their clients on a regular basis, rather than being just another email signature.

Let’s talk budget….

Yes, Campaign Monitor do let you get started very cheaply, but you get what you pay for. “Unlocking” features such as inbox previews costs extra, and if you accidentally add too many subscribers, you’ll automatically get charged more. We’ll let you send to a large volume of contacts with all the integrations, plus the added extras that come as part of our marketing platform.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.