GatorLeads vs A1 Webstats

Gain more than just website results.

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Match more leads with our IP lookup

Using our private database that has millions of data records, we offer a higher match rate than A1 WebStats who mainly use public databases to identify IP addresses. We do this by adding to our private database all the time. And if the IP address isn’t in our database, we’ll use the same public database as A1 WebStats to get you the information you need.

Discover employee contact details

We don’t just share with you who the companies on your website are. With our tools, you can acquire direct email addresses from the employees in the companies on your website. As soon as you find a hot lead, you can look for the relevant individual in the company and get their email address to kick off your sales relationship.

Rank your leads with our lead scoring

Instead of just telling you which companies are coming to your website, we’ll rank them by how much they’ve interacted with your website and what they’ve looked at. Using our page scoring method, we’ll score each of your web pages according to how close it takes your leads to a sale. That way, you can contact the leads showing buying behaviour.

Track individual leads on your website

Using our personalised URL function, you can track what a contact looks at on your website. All you need to do is attach a PURL within your 1 to 1 emails, wait for a contact to click it and then our cookie technology will track when they come on your website and what they look at. PURLs work with all email platforms too, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Gmail.

Track leads from your marketing campaigns

Along with the ability to track what leads are looking at on your website, our insights tool can tell you where your website leads came from. That includes previously untraceable marketing channels such as PPC and social media. Find out what search engines, platforms and keywords your leads are using to improve your future marketing campaigns too.

Get email marketing & automation too

We don’t just offer lead generation technology either. GatorLeads integrates fully into our email marketing and marketing automation suite as well. This allows you to generate and nurture more business opportunities than just identifying who is on your website.

Merge your lead generation with your CRM system

Along with our other integrations, we’ll also integrate with your CRM to improve your sales processes. You’ll be able to assign leads within CRM, get alerts, add notes and track accounts activities. You’ll also be able to integrate this with your marketing campaigns too. Our CRM integration is the cornerstone of your sales and marketing teams starting to work together.

Worth our weight in gold

While we don’t give you a 30 day free trial like A1 WebStats, we know we can prove our worth within a 2 week free trial. With our platform offering more value for both sales and marketing teams, we believe you’ll see that we offer more value, rather than just being the cheapest on the market.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.