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We need to talk about workflows… While many marketers are fully aware of the benefit that workflows and automation can bring to a marketing strategy, too many companies feel that they don’t have the technical know-how to implement them properly. Guess what, we’re here to tell you otherwise, not only are workflows far less complex than people perceive, but they serve to make your life MUCH EASIER.

What are workflows?

In short, a marketing workflow is an app or software that allows you to tie together various parts of your marketing strategy into one succinct series. It’s essentially one giant email campaign that allows you to choose actions based on the behaviour of your prospects or customers. This is great for two reasons, not only can you monitor what material each of your prospects has received, but you are able to make sure they don’t skip ahead of the sales cycle too quickly, missing content that is going to be critical when it comes to helping to close deals.

Why you need workflows

Workflows are the well-oiled machine that’s going to bring your marketing into the 21st century, I know individually we each have our own battles in proving the worth of marketing software to senior colleagues. Well, this type of software is going to make your life a hell of a lot easier, speeding up the whole process of creating campaigns so that you can meet any urgent deadlines you may have and then report on the results accordingly.

CommuniGator’s workflow app

Well-designed workflows are not only capable of giving you greater insight into the behaviour of your prospects, but it can also guide your lead down the path of your choosing. One thing’s for sure, the CommuniGator workflow app allows for massive customisation between each workflow. No company’s ambition is the same when it comes to their marketing strategy, that’s why we’re proud to provide a product that is unrivalled when it comes to flexibility from workflow to workflow. Don’t be wary if you’ve never used this technology before, the drag and drop editor was created with YOU the customer in mind, ease of use is the aim of the game here.

If you want to learn more about CommuniGator’s workflow software or consider any of the other elements that our platform can provide, then feel free to check out this handy guide, it’s free to download!

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