Welcome to the Age of Agile Marketing

Yesterday at our CommuniGator Customer Conference, our keynote speaker, Kath Pay spoke about the state of email marketing today. In particular, what marketers should expect moving forward in the age of agile marketing. The Founder of Holistic Email Marketing, Kath delivered an insightful and practical look at the changes email marketers can put in place to make their email marketing more effective.

The fact of the matter is, email marketing is always evolving.

From the stone ages where it was all about the batch send before basic segmentation. This was followed by dynamic and predictive email marketing. Now we enter the stage of agile marketing.

To some, the idea of agile marketing is a scary one. But, marketers who do not get on board will be playing catch-up. Right now, there are a tonne of clever things you can do with your email marketing that you might not be doing because you’re drowning in data. You’re under budgeted and under-resourced, which means you just do the mundane and often neglect what your consumers want.

This is where agile marketing comes in.

Agile email marketing is strategic

With the introduction of marketing workflows, you can understand that email marketing is about the journey rather than the single message. This agile approach will allow you to focus on the strategy of your email marketing rather than the technology that drives it. By asking what motivates your customers, you will be able to use persuasion, psychology, and neuroscience to make your email marketing more effective.

Agile marketing will make us faster

With technology becoming smarter, you will spend less time on the functional aspects of your campaigns and more time working on the creative aspects that drive conversions. You will use conversion-designed principles and question commonly accepted past best practices. Overall, agile email marketing will allow you to spend less time working IN the campaign and more time working ON the programme.

Agile email will make us smarter

Marketing automation not only helps you create automated, personalised email campaigns, but it also enables you to use personalisation at scale. With the power of technology, you can train your computers to learn more about the data they are collecting. Machine learning, as Kath calls it, allows computers to analyse, predict and act on the data they receive without explicit instructions or programming. Using intelligent testing, you will be able to work smarter rather than harder to deliver the 1:1 personalisation in emails that consumers now expect.

With 72% of marketers saying email is their preferred marketing channel, it’s important that you start using the data you have at your fingertips more effectively. Otherwise, you risk leaving money on the table.

If you are ready to make your email marketing more strategic, faster and smarter, you should take a look at implementing marketing workflows.

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