Tracking engagement to improve customer experiences

Digital marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. In fact, it is constantly changing! New ways for businesses to reach their target audience seems to become available on a regular basis. To keep up and provide the right message at the right time, through the right channel, is a long and often costly process.

One thing that has remained constant through all these changes, though, is the fact that nearly all online purchases will be made back on your website. New media – email, social, mobile, display – are used as mechanisms to build brand awareness and to push relevant content; but the end goal for most campaigns will be to drive traffic back to your website to make a purchase.

Of all the traffic that is driven back to your website less than 2% are likely to complete a purchase and only 5% will even reveal their identity to you. This effectively means that 95% of the prospects generated through your digital marketing activities will be lost.

Curiously, in order to increase success rates, most businesses spend more money on the creation of innovative strategies to drive more and more traffic back to the website. Which may help recapture some of the original prospects, but still 95% of this new group of potential customers will again escape without a trace.

Instead, you should identify more of your visitors and record their behaviour on your website. Delivering you more leads, and more data about each of these companies, their activity on your site and therefore better lead generation. Depending on your target audience you could experience identification rates of up to 90% of website visitors.

If you’re struggling to think of ways to increase your website ROI on a limited budget, check out our latest video.

We understand how difficult it can be to get your lead generation strategy right the first time of asking. That’s why we wrote this guide with you in mind.

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