The secret behind generating more form fills

With inbound lead generation growing, form fills on your website are becoming an essential part of your sales pipeline. So how can you encourage form fills? We’re going to reveal the secret to you.

It’s simple, stop asking for so much information in your form fills

Let’s face it. No one wants to have to fill out their details just to get the information they are after. In fact, the more information you demand, the less likely they are to fill out the details you need.

So stop asking for so much information. Strip it down to just one field – the email address. From here you can pick up the rest of the details you need from a B2B perspective. First name, last name, company details. It’s all there.

Yes, it means you have to do more work. You’ll also need to use web tracking, IP lookup and –possibly – CRM integration to help you make sure you get the right contact information when you chase the lead. But that’s what prospects expect these days. You to do all the work.

Why shouldn’t you, when they are parting with their money? As marketing take on more of a lead nurturing role, the sales role will consist of making more of an effort to get in contact with the right leads, right away. Even from an inbound point of view.

By using a form fill that just requires an email address, you can use IP and website tracking to determine what company they work for. With the right system in place, you’ll be able to get all the company details you need to determine if they are the top target customers you want. Including if the person who has filled out your website form is the key decision maker you need to talk to.

Why not give it a try and see? Personally, we found an average increase of 30% in our form fill conversion rate. It’s all about building up the B2B lead machine.

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