What ROI can you really see from marketing automation?

With an average of 49% of companies using marketing automation software (and trust us, that number is on the rise), you might feel frustrated by the pressure to follow suit. But you’re holding back. Marketing automation can be pricey, and what you desperately want to know is: is it really worth it in the long run? So in this article, we’ll show you what ROI you’re looking at getting back.

Why do you need marketing automation?

Marketing automation allows you to organise your marketing campaigns – for example, social media posts and emails – with ease, all in one place. It’s best for warming up contacts, getting them sales ready, but shouldn’t be relied on for all your marketing needs.

This is where your ROI gets important. You need to know that you’re getting what you want out of the system and that it isn’t just a money sinkhole. Marketing automation is good. It saves you time, makes sure you send out posts and emails at the right times to urge your clients on in their buyer journeys, and it can help you organise your campaigns with a lot more clarity. It doesn’t remove all the work, though. You still need to make sure you’re sending out the right content to get the interest you want.

What are the statistics?

With marketing automation you could be looking at an average ROI of about 28%, from what we’ve seen across the board. Some software might even be able to offer an even higher ROI percentage – meaning more income and importantly, more value. This figure could even reach up to about 150%. It all depends on what you need from the software and which solution you use.

There are a number of different elements of marketing automation – social media automation, email marketing, lead nurturing. The more you use, and the more effectively you use them, the better your results will be. We may be living in a world where robots might, one day, do all our work for us but that day is not today. It’s up to you to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by using these tools to their best advantage.

How do you make the most of marketing automation?

Firstly, always make sure your content is up to scratch. Marketing automation can provide you with the right place and right time for presenting content, but if what you have to offer isn’t good enough it won’t make a difference. Always pay attention to what your leads want, and give them something relevant.

Segmentation is also key. If you can effectively group your contacts to send them more narrowly-targeted emails and offers, you’re more likely to engage. And we all know that more engagement means more active movement in clients’ buyer journeys.

Finally, utilise a well-considered workflow. At the end of the day, software is software. Without the right commands, it won’t be able to do you any favours. A workflow lets your marketing automation suite know when to move contacts from one campaign to another, when to nurture and when to pitch, and, as such, can ultimately determine your ROI. Getting this product will make your workload easier, but there’s still work to do on your part.

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