What recent changes have been made by Twitter to improve the user experience?

Just like Facebook, Twitter has been taking steps to try to refocus users on its platform towards better and more genuine interactions. For those who tweet, changes are incoming that are designed to encourage “healthy conversation” and more camera use. This is the first time that the platform has really, seriously evolved with a new ethos in mind since it was first established in 2006. The hope is that it will be more useful to users and also more competitive with other platforms.


The prototype for the new Twitter app was revealed back in March this year and called “twttr” in reference to the first ever tweet posted by the Twitter CEO. Although the app is still a public beta test – and so some of the changes it contains may never actually make it into the actual Twitter app – it’s interesting to note from the alterations being introduced the direction in which the company is looking to go.

Friendlier, healthier conversations

There has been a lot of talk about the level of trolling, judging and bullying that takes place on social platforms like Twitter. In an effort to try and create a friendlier environment, Twitter is testing putting engagement counts on replies behind a user tap. There are also changes being made to policies and measures for more proactive enforcement against issues such as hoax accounts.

Distinguishing live images and footage

Changes that Twitter is making to the camera will mean that pictures, video and livestreams that have been captured live will have a different look to them than those that have been attached to a tweet. This is basically to tap into the idea that Twitter is the place to be if you’re looking to find out what’s happening right now and should encourage more live content and on the spot coverage.

Directing the app towards being more camera-centric

Given the focus on recording and broadcasting via the platform, it’s not surprising that Twitter is introducing changes that will make it easier to use the camera. For example, the camera is going to become more accessible and users will be able to jump straight to it by swiping left from the timeline making it easier to instantly capture whatever is going on in front of them.

A smart camera and more features

The camera will also give users more options when it comes to posting the content that they are capturing, including being able to add one of six colours, overlays and captions to videos, photos or live broadcasts. Plus, the new camera is a smart camera, which means it knows where it is at the time that content is being created and can make posting suggestions, such as the right hash tags to use.

The main motivation behind many of these changes appears to be to get users posting more visual content. Twitter also wants to make it easier for anyone to follow an event as it happens – and also to discover and connect more without the hoaxers, conspiracy theorists and trolls that have often got in the way in the past.

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