Quality over Quantity

The benefit for IP look up tools on your web site is to be able to contact those organisations identified as showing “buying like behaviour”.

So with that said this brings us on to the quality of the data you are given from a “look up tool”. This was most recently highlighted in a client engagement where GatorLeads was being compared with A1 Web stats. On a specific Wednesday A1 web stats presented a list of 41 organisations where GatorLeadshowed 11. To the untrained eye you would go A1 every time, but you would be wrong , not only wasting your subscription money, but worse than that demoralising the outbound sales unit getting them to chase, Plusnet, Time Warner Internet, Vodafone Business and BT.

Allow me to explain, the great thing about IP matching is its simple. At the end of an IP address is one of four outcomes:

  1. This is the company that inhabits the building and pays for and uses the internet connection that was used to come to your web site, they are the people who have showing buying behaviour, and you should go outbound with the venom of a dog to track down the person fulfilling the role you would normally sell to (GatorLeadswill help you with that also, shameless plug sorry)
  2. This is the company (internet service provider) that sold the internet connection to the company who has been on your web site, they most definitely have not shown buying like behaviour, don’t want to buy anything and would be a complete waste of time to try and call them. At wow we supress these as they are simply NO USE. (if you want them to flood out your sales team and waste their time just say and we can easily switch it on for you)
  3. Mobile website visitors carry the same IP identifiers provided by their relative networks and rotate them through their user population. You cannot identify a mobile visitor from their IP (but we can through cookies – read more on that)
  4. Those visitors who simply cannot be identified by the credentials of their IP address, so we try as hard as we can to minimise these!

So when assessing the “match rate” of an IP look up tool you should be able to see the profile of visitors to your site to cover 100% of visitors, a typically B2B client for wow would be as follows

Type 1 visitor above (the good stuff) – 35%

Type 2 visitor Dros – 35%

Type 3 visitor (work hard to serve cookies) – 15%

Type 4 visitor (getting lower every day)- 15%

In the opening example of our A1 Web stats comparison just by running through the list with a naked eye (metaphorically speaking) of the 41 “matched companies) 32 were Type 2, leaving only 9 actual companies, GatorLeads matched all those 9 plus two additional ie 22% more. We could also provide named contacts with phone and email address of the chosen job title for the outbound team of 10 of the 11 matched companies – I know, biased, but why wouldn’t you be when you are simply better.

So don’t take my biased word for it, just trial it and let us show you the quality leads coming onto your website everyday. We would be delighted to show you the profile of your web visitors against the 4 category types above. (Also read the art of lead scoring so once a company is identified you can also split the buyers from the sellers.)

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