Why marketing automation is a playground

Remember the days where you were the King or Queen of the castle? Do you remember when we all grew up, put on business suits and got boring??? Where has our childlike wonder gone? It still exists inside each of us, believe it or not. And marketing automation is the perfect place to let your inner child out. There are no limits and no boundaries in the world of marketing automation. Just like when we were in the playground. Come on, let us show you what we mean.

Our marketing automation playground

Ok, so we said there were no limits or boundaries in marketing automation, but there is a fence. Because parents like to be able to keep an eye on their children and marketing like to be able to keep an eye on their leads. But within that fence, the sky is the limit. You’ve got all the right apparatus to push your lead toward a sale: swings, roundabouts, slides (remarketing campaigns, workflows and drip campaigns). With all the features you can use to automate, design and plan campaigns, you can create any marketing campaign you like!

Why you NEED a playground in business

Picture a playground that only has one toy. A roundabout, for example. How fast do you think children are going to get bored of that? How fast do you think leads are of you using the same approach over and over again? Or imagine a big field with all the playground tools except they aren’t all in one place. Instead, they are all spread out. You tell your leads where to go and give them everything they need, but they run a bit too fast for you. You lose track of where they are and consequently what you’re doing. Whatever effort you put into your strategy is likely to be wasted, all because you can’t keep track of how things are progressing.

The mousetrap approach

Remember the game mousetrap? How the ball would react to all the apparatus you put in place and still come out at the end, just where you wanted it. Leads can do that within your marketing automation playground too. Easily manoeuvrable, these marketing toys & tools let you keep an eye on where leads are in your pipeline. This means that your ability to pass leads to the right team or campaign at the right time becomes a lot more reliable. Fun, even!

Seeing all your leads interacting in one place shows you what is going on takes a lot of the hassle out of the marketing process/playtime. In fact, by managing all your marketing strategies in one place, you’ll have a much higher success rate simply because you can make sure the ball is always rolling in the right direction.

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