Making Social Meaningfully Measureable

Spotler has been skeptical about the use of Open Rates as a measure of Email effectiveness for a long time, but there’s a whole raft of meaningless metrics when it comes to Social Media.

What is the value of a Like or a Follow? Reporting that Retweets are up 40% this month pales into insignificance against hitting a sales target.

When combined with GatorLeads, Spotler’s new release of GatorSocial brings full accountability to your Social Media marketing activity by providing a cast iron audit trail to every social post. When you share content on your website through GatorSocial, you can track:

  • How many clicks the link received on each social channel – Nice.
  • How many retweets, mentions and other shares took place – Okay.
  • Who those clickers are by company name – Wow!

What they did on your website after the click from social – Now you’re talking!

Get a proper understanding of if and how your social marketing is generating tangible opportunities for your business. Delve into the detail of what individual visitors from social channels do on your site. You can also look at the profile of those who are consuming your social content across key B2B demographics; industry, location and company size.
This can then be reviewed in tandem with other channels. Is it the medium that worked or the message, or both? If you see a blog post perform well on Twitter, does it perform as well in email?

Of course, it can’t all be about you when it comes to Social, so the latest release of GatorSocial provides an updated range of tools to help you:

  • Schedule posts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Discover targeted content and then easily share it
  • Track the performance of third party content
  • Compare your social performance to your competitors and contemporaries
  • Combine social activity into campaigns and measure performance over time

This has all been designed with efficiency in mind. You can quickly and easily ensure that your social channels are updated and then review their performance in a matter of minutes.

If you’re a customer, then check out the updated features of GatorSocial or book onto one of the webinar demos.

If you’re not a Spotler customer already, then we’d also love to show you how we can make social meaningfully measurable.

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