Why Keywords are Central to your Digital Marketing Strategy

We are all used to the term “keywords” being thrown around in meetings and discussions surrounding digital marketing planning. But very few people really understand the significance of keywords – or how to get the most ROI from them. If you’re looking to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is effective, keywords will be central to making that happen.

What are keywords and why do they matter?

Keywords are the terms that users have put into a search engine, and their associated volume is how often that has happened in the course of a month. They provide a unique insight into the minds of users that you may be trying to target for your business. When we type search terms into a search engine not many of us stop to think about how to craft the right combination of words – most will just type what feels natural. So, keywords can provide unique insight into how users actually think about the products and services that they are looking to find.

Keywords and digital marketing strategy

Yes, keywords are essential for identifying the right terms to add into your web copy or to target with paid advertising campaigns. However, they can also feed into digital marketing strategy in a number of other ways, including:

Making budgeting decisions

Few businesses today have unlimited marketing budgets so making the right decisions is important. Keywords can input into this by providing insight via the search volumes that relate to keywords for a specific product or service. For example, if your main product also has the highest search volumes, dedicating budget to social media or display for that product could help increase conversions from those already considering it.

Using the right terminology

Keyword research can identify if you’re using the right terms to describe your products within the business and also in marketing materials. For example, you may be using the term “clinical negligence” while keyword research indicates that the more natural wording for most people is “medical negligence.”

Competitor research

A quick search of your brand name and competitor names via a keyword planner will reveal the search volumes around your business and also your main competitors, which can be fed into competitor analysis. Looking at the keywords competitors are bidding on will reveal what they believe their most effective messages are and what advantages they think they have over your business.

Planning expansion

If your digital marketing strategy needs to encompass imminent expansion, keyword planner tools can be very useful in identifying locations where there is already interest in your products and services. Compare the search volumes of products and services in locations you’re interested in with places where you’re already live to get an idea of what kind of response there might be (just remember any potential language barrier when it comes to search terms in different countries).

Keywords are essential for refining your web content and ad campaigns but that’s not all they have to offer. If you’re looking to get more from your digital marketing they have a key role to play in strategy too. Find out more on the Iconic Digital blog.

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