How to keep ahead with your digital marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond?

It’s a new year and that means finding new ways to ensure that you’re on top of the latest in digital marketing strategy for your business. Given the speed at which the world of digital marketing moves this can appear to be a challenge at first. However, if you want to ensure that your business is at the cutting edge of the latest in digital marketing development then there are ways to get that information.

Network with those in the know

Networking is a swift and easy way to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of digital marketing. Make contact with specialists working in the sector, from people you meet at events through to those you can follow on social networks. Genuine, personal relationships will mean that others are ready and happy to help you stay on top of the latest developments and choosing the right people to follow on social platforms will ensure a steady stream of useful information.

Newsletters and blogs

Many digital marketing agencies and experts create their own content that is specifically designed to deliver information on the latest trends and developments in the sector. Choose a few key people or businesses to subscribe to so that you don’t get totally overwhelmed by information. Regularly check blog posts and read email shots so that you can see what their latest tips are for evolving your digital strategy this year.

Use Google

The Google Alerts function is incredibly useful, as it will instantly notify you when words or phrases that you’re interested in pop up in search results. The key here is to spend some time refining the words or phrases so that you get the results you’re looking for. It might be “digital marketing trends” or “digital strategy 2019” that brings you the right content – you’ll have to test out a few options to find the right one.

Digital groups online

From Facebook and LinkedIn groups through to chat on forums, there are lots of different places online where you’ll find people talking about the latest developments in digital marketing. The key is to find the right groups to join – limit this to just one or two so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed by the interactions and you’re able to get interesting and useful information from the discussion.

Magazines and journals

A wealth of digital marketing publications exist which regularly provide information on the latest trends in strategy and planning. From Marketing Week to smaller niche publications, there are lots of opportunities to subscribe and learn.

Social searching

As well as following marketing experts on social media you can find a lot of information about trends and developments simply by searching. Use terms such as “digital marketing strategy” to see the latest tweets coming from those who are already talking about the topic. Hashtags can also be incredibly useful – follow the right ones and you’ll always be in the know.

Digital strategy trends and ideas change constantly so it’s important to stay on top of the discussion.

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