What is inbound marketing and how can you utilise it?

Any marketing strategy will look to generate the greatest ROI, but something you may not yet have considered is inbound marketing. So what does this mean and how can you utilise it to promote your business online?

What exactly is inbound marketing?

To understand how to use inbound marketing, it’s important to understand what it is. Essentially it involves generating enquiries to your website through a variety of methods. Inbound marketing methods include using SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing to generate leads through driving relevant and interested traffic to your website.

Establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

As with any marketing strategy, you must establish KPIs in order to measure the Return on Investment. This might be numbers of leads, reduction of the cost per lead being generated, higher percentages of traffic to your site, or a greater conversion rate or visitors to leads. All of these things can help you to see which platforms and inbound marketing methods are the most effective for lead generation.  This enables you to tailor your marketing strategy to focus on the most effective methods.

Cost-effective inbound marketing

Inbound marketing doesn’t need to cost a fortune either, especially since some forms of digital marketing are free, such as creating social media profiles. Provided that you have staff in-house who are trained and have availability to carry out this marketing, you may not need to bring in extra resources. However, if this isn’t possible, then it may even be cheaper for you to outsource to a professional digital marketing agency who will act as an extension of your marketing department and allow you to only pay for the time and resources that are invested into your marketing.

Take an informed approach

To make the most of your inbound marketing, you should do your research to work out exactly what approach to take with the different channels you are using. Even across the different social media platforms, there is a huge degree of difference in the target audience, and the way that the network is used – for example, Twitter has a much more colloquial, personal style compared to the more professional use of LinkedIn.

Inbound marketing can be extremely useful for lead generation and deliver a great ROI for your company, regardless of whether you’re a small or large organisation. It’s important to get it right to see this return, so to find out more, get in touch today.

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