How to write effective emails

With hundreds of emails flooding everyone’s inboxes every day, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So use these 5 quick tricks to make sure you catch your prospect’s attention in just one short email.

Offer them valuable content

No one wants a sales pitch anymore. Instead, consumers want companies to anticipate their needs and provide them with the information they need before making a purchase. So when you first make contact via email, it’s important to offer them something valuable in terms of content. This is the fastest way to build your rapport & reputation with them as an expert in your industry, push your products and get one step closer to closing the sale.

Keep it personal

Emails are by default a very impersonal way of communication. You can’t see the person or hear them, all you have to go on is the words they’ve written. So you need to make sure your email is as personal as possible. Use their first name, say “you” in your email twice as much as “I” and “we” and offer “warm regards”. This will subconsciously connect them to you and start the building blocks of a solid sales relationship.

Write something short and snappy

No one has that much time to spare these days, particularly in the world of business, so your email needs to be short and snappy. Get to the point within the first paragraph. If they are interested, they will interact with your call to action. Remember, 80% of the work of any communication is in the headline so spend more time on this to make sure it really grabs their attention.

Make your subject line a conversation starter

To truly make your emails personal and the headline attention-grabbing, use a conversation starter as your subject line. Conversation starters are the best way to create “interactive” emails and garner more responses than just a plain old sales email. Some great examples we’ve found included:

“Vicky, can we schedule a call for tomorrow?”

“Ali, I’m sorry.”

“Jess, I read your post on LinkedIn and just wanted to say…”

Make sure your tone of voice is consistent

Reading is an experience just like a website user journey, so each paragraph needs to flow and connect in order to get your audience moving through the right channels and towards a sale. Switching between friendly and formal or changing which persona you’re addressing in your email will only confuse your reader. Decide on one set tone of voice to go with your brand and stick to this. Your tone is the voice of the company and needs to connect with every member of your audience in a friendly & approachable manner.

Once you’re writing effective emails, you can create an effective email campaign.

We always find it useful before initiating our campaigns to check we’ve made no schoolboy errors as well, why don’t you have a go yourself?

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