How to turn your leads into paying customers

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the prospect of a potential new sale. As soon as you see a new lead on your website, it can be tempting to jump right in and sell them your sales pitch. However, 96% of  prospects are not ready to buy the first time you talk to them. So here’s what you need to do to make sure your new leads on your website are actually turned into paying customers.

Use lead scoring to qualify leads

75% of qualified leads are never chased. To make sure you are contacting leads when they are interested, use lead scoring to qualify leads for you. To do this, page score your website – with more important pages scoring more points than others. Once your leads hit a certain score, you can deem them hot and send them straight through to sales for a phone call or meeting.

Use lead nurturing campaigns to warm up your leads

For warm or cold leads, you can place them in a lead nurturing campaign until they have interacted enough with your emails and website to be considered a “hot” lead. This will ensure you are converting as much of your website traffic as possible.

Use visitor identification to know who you’re calling

Before you call them, find out as much about the company as possible. Use the details on GatorLeads to see how many employees they have and who their key stakeholders are. Use this information to know who to ask for when you call or see if we have their email address so you can start contacting them.

Send them a PURL

By sending them an email with a personal URL you can build on our site, you will have a way to track an individuals movement on your website. Once they’ve clicked on your PURL, they enable cookie technology. That means that when the URL directs them to your website, we will be able to track them. This way, you’ll be able to see what pages your lead has looked at. You can use this information to start tailoring your sales pitch before you even get in contact.

Build a relationship on social media

Because not all leads are ready to buy, your sales team will need to start building up a relationship with them. The most successful way to do this now is on social media sites such as LinkedIn. This gives your sales team plenty of time to offer a smooth pitch that doesn’t scare your leads off. Then, once they are ready to talk, your sales team can move onto the last sales step that will turn them into paying customers.

Set up face to face meetings

90% of successful sales in 2015 came from face to face meetings. If this works for your business, use it. Online and over the phone is a great way of building relationships with your website leads, but it doesn’t offer the safety of a face to face meeting. Remember, potential customers are now more wary than they ever have been before – particularly if they have only seen you online. Prove that you have a human connection with your website leads and you’ll soon start to see more leads convert into paying customers.

It’s time to turn your website leads into opportunities. 

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