How to leave the perfect cold call voicemail

If you’re placing a cold call, five times out of ten you probably get their voicemail. This is your chance to start building a sales relationship. Don’t leave a message asking for them to call you back – they have no idea who you are. Instead try this…

  1. Make a connection to them

    They don’t care about your name or where you work, they care about why you’re getting in contact with THEM. So find a connection to the person you’re calling – it can be as obscure as you like – and tell them about it.”You and I know each other through this LinkedIn group”
    “We’re both working in X industry and I was wondering if you knew…”Use something that makes them think they should know you and they’re more likely to pick up the phone the next time you call.

  2. Make it seem like you need their help

    The minute they realise you’re trying to sell them something they will probably block your number. So turn the tables on them and ask for them to provide you with some information. Maybe you’re “looking for some help to know more about their business” or you “wondered if they knew anything about lead generation in the industry”.The more important and knowledgeable you make them feel before you’ve even met them, the more successful your sales relationship will be with them.

  3. Let them know you will be calling them back

    Chances are, they probably avoided you because it was a blocked number and they expected a salesperson or cold call. But with this message, not only have you given them a heads up as to why you’re calling, but they’ll now feel like they know you better.Say something along the lines of “Don’t’ call me back, I’ll try you again later” or “If not I’ll look for someone else who can help me out” to make it seem like you’re not pestering them. They’ll appreciate that and be more inclined to pick up the phone the next time they see your number.

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