How to get your lead’s attention in less than 30 seconds

Would you like to know the secret approach to getting your leads attention in less than 30 seconds? In a busy market, the faster you gain your leads attention, the more likely you are to close a sale. Here are the quick tricks you need to secure their attention.

Accept that your first call isn’t going to be long
Your lead wasn’t expecting your call, so they probably can’t spare much time. Instead of assuming you are entitled to their precious time, get your sales team to “ask” if they can spare some time. Immediately, your polite approach is more likely to garner a yes. If not, ask when would be a good time to call. Either way, you’ve got more time when you can sort out a meeting or cover the why you’re calling.

Be curious rather than cocky
You need to stand out from all the other emails, meetings, and general workload your lead has to deal with. Most sales reps go in as all-knowing experts and your lead immediately tunes out. Yet, by showing curiosity about your leads company will engage them as they start to provide you answers.

To do this, ask questions that are about them instead of your sales pitch. For example:
“How does your company do X?”
“What would you like your company to achieve in the next 5 years?”
“Have you considered X?”

Whatever you do, leave yourself and your sales pitch out of your opening questions. You can’t help your lead until you understand their business, and that’ll take more than 30 seconds.

Embrace the silence
It can be tempting to fill the silence after you ask a lead a question and they don’t immediately answer. It’s crucial you keep this silence! Remember, your lead wasn’t expecting your call. They need time to process what you are offering them and the benefits to their company.

The longer the silence, the more your lead is thinking about your offering. Don’t interrupt or cut off their pros and cons list, as this can only result in shooting yourself in the foot.

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