How analytics can improve your customer engagement strategy

You could have the most amazing website, but not have any idea who is visiting your site. Using Analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Gator Leads, you can keep track of visitors, gain contact information and details about them, and which pages they seem interested in. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience and generate a more targeted digital marketing strategy to increase customer engagement.

It’s not just about ‘hits’

Analysing your website is not just about the number of initial visitors. Even websites paying high costs for advertising will have high clicks, but they will also have a high bounce rate if visitors are not persuaded by the site to stay and browse. For advice about creating an effective website take a look at this blog from our partners, Iconic Digital.

If it’s not just about ‘hits’ then what is it about? Here are some things that Analytics tools can measure:

Numbers of visitors taking action

Analytics tools will track every visitor who goes onto your site. It will show you how many visits have been made overall, and how many of these are unique users. It also tracks which individual pages that they visit, and other actions such as: playing a video, clicking through to your social media pages, filling in and submitting a contact form, and any orders or goods or services purchased through your site.

What is driving traffic to your site?

Using Analytics tools, you will see where your visitors have been referred from. This could be from another website, your social media channels, from a search engine or email campaign, Analytics tools will show you how effective each of your digital marketing channels are so that you can make informed choices about your marketing budget. It also helps you to respond efficiently to customers, and monitor prospect engagement.

Information about your customers

By seeing what keywords people are searching for when finding your site, you will be able to tailor your services/products to them and target optimisation of certain keywords and phrases. It will show you the geographical location of your customers and identify ways to better engage with them.

Using the information gathered using Analytics tools

The aim of analytics tools are to measure the success of your digital marketing strategies, and focus on those which are most successful. In addition, it can help with future marketing, using the process of remarketing. By tracking visitors to your site, you can set up automated campaigns to send a short period of time after the person has visited a particular page. In this way, you are using the information you’ve gathered about the customer and their interests to engage with them more effectively and encourage them to interact with you again.

For more information about using Analytics as part of your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with Spotler today.

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