Give your MQLs some TLC

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Like someone cares about you. Your opinion, your feelings, your likes and dislikes. Your leads are no different. Give them value in your interactions, something tangible to take away and use, even if it isn’t strictly relevant to your business. Giving your leads a little TLC will mean they’re far more likely to convert into an MQL.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. The best way to nurture your leads? Send the right content, to the right people at the right time. You may be thinking, how on earth do I do that? Well, you need to be aware of what your leads are clicking on, what are they looking at on your website? Using IP tracking software, you can see who is visiting your website, and more specifically, the pages they’re visiting. Using their own interactions, you can decide what content to send through next. And getting the timings right? Well, that’s another thing your tracking software can help with. Are they just browsing? Send them lighter content. Or perhaps they’re fully engaging, well then, send through heavier case studies and product information.

From Lowly Leads to Mighty MQLs

Your leads will come to you fresh-faced and ready to learn. Nurture this readiness. Keep your interactions consistent regardless of whether they’re a brand-new lead, or 3-months old. With every contact, give your leads something of value. Whether that be some industry knowledge, a resource, or a demonstration. By giving something of use back, you keep your company at the forefront of your leads mind. Each interaction is a chance for you to convince, make it count.

Create a Journey

Not all leads will want to receive the same information from you. Some contacts will be looking at one aspect of your business, but another will be looking at the opposite side of the shop. Obviously, you need to give them the information relevant to what they’re interested in. But it goes farther than that. Leads at different points in your sales pipeline will be engaged at different levels. Those who are new to your company will likely just be browsing, assessing their options. They’re not after anything in depth, they want some light, quick content to skim over. Your engaged leads, on the other hand, are likely looking for hard and fast facts. Build a path which you can direct your leads down, giving them heavier content as they travel further through their journey.

Streamline Your Data

You’ve put effort into an event. Milk it for all that it’s worth. Invite your leads along, so your event also becomes a networking space. I don’t know about you, but I find speaking to someone face to face is SO much easier than over phone or email. You can actually get to the point, and work through issues at a much faster rate. Any animosity and uncertainty can be nipped in the bud before it grows into hostility. Inviting your leads to meet you will not only provide the opportunity to show off your industry knowledge and what you offer, it will show that you are interested in how you can help them.

Get the Report

There’s no point wasting days putting together a resource if no-one is interested in the topic. Instead, do your homework. Research what people are currently interested in from you. We look at which topics bring in the most leads, but also which channels generate the most. Not only does this tell us what content we need to create and promote, but also where we need to publicise the content.  

Take your leads’ needs into consideration at every point in the sales pipeline. By giving your leads the TLC they crave, you can transform any lead into an MQL. Implementing IP tracking and Marketing Automation can make every leads journey personal to them, by spotting where their interests really lie.

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