The Secret to Getting Your Emails Read

Email Marketing can be a tricky business. Engaging your audience so they don’t just delete your email immediately or leave it unopened in their inbox can often elude us. So what’s the secret to getting people to open your emails? And more importantly, for getting your emails read! We’ve put together the features we consider for creating an engaging email, one which gets read! 

Your Subject Line Can Trigger Success or Failure 

The subject line is the gateway to your email. You need to complete two specific tasks in just a few words. Describe the content of your emails and allude to the response you desire. Hook your reader’s attention with a compelling subject line they need to know more about. Take your time getting it right. You should spend almost as long perfecting your subject line as you do on the rest of your email.  

Be Relatable and Relevant 

Your email body is the place to state the purpose of your email. Make sure your content is applicable for your audience, something they would be interested in. Write with clarity, conviction and create curiosity to impose a desire to delve deeper into your brand. You’re looking to get the recipient invested in what you have to offer. Make your email easy to follow and to complete the response you want to achieve.  

Get the Format Right 

You’ve mastered, the subject line, your recipient has opened your email, you know the content is all there and enticing, but if the formatting is poor, your lead may bounce straight off onto the next email in their inbox. Don’t overload your design. Clear-cut formatting will allow your reader to skim read the text to pick out the most important aspects. Keep your email short and break up the text. Use CTA and colours to highlight the most important elements of your email. So if your lead only reads one thing, it will be the important part.  

Segment your Lists 

If your email isn’t relevant to your lead, they’re never going to open your email. And it will promote the wrong impression of your company. You will come across as if you’ve not done your research. So take the time to divvy up your contact lists into smaller, more specialised pots of data. You can then target these people in the way they’ll be interested in. Consider breaking up your audience based on their demographics, such as job title, region, etc. Or perhaps based on survey results and email behaviour, where they’ve made it clear what they’re interested in.  

Would You Read it?  

Before you send an email, always imagine yourself in the recipient’s position. Would you read this email? Would you click on anything, or want to read further? It’s easy to lie to ourselves when completing this check but be brutal, and if the honest answer is no to any of those questions, then revisit your email, and do some more work. Get to the point where every answer is yes.  

Making your emails relevant to your audience is critical to getting them to open and read through them. AI has the power to understand how your audience prefers their emails. Use the insights it can offer to boost your email success.

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