GatorCon2018: An Interview with Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director, 4D Data Centres

Now with less than a week to go until GatorCon2018 kicks off, we sat down with Jack Bedell-Pearce. Jack has been a CommuniGator customer for a number of years now and will be sharing his hands-on experience. Looking at how he’s used the CommuniGator suite, with a particular focus on GatorLeads.

You’ve been a Gator Customer a little while now, how long have you been using the product?

Jack: We were originally clients through Wow Analytics (what GatorLeads used to be known as), but moved to using the whole CommuniGator system about 3 years ago. There is a huge spur of activity when first getting everything set up. We were using GatorMail a lot to push our cloud and colocation services. As it’s so simple, we also showed our sales guys what they could do with GatorLeads, but after a month or so, they weren’t using it much.

We had some fundamental issues with our data and were asking them to trawl through and analyse a huge amount of unqualified contacts. They weren’t getting the benefits, and so weren’t using it to its greatest capacity. Sales were great at following up with those leads who clicked an email link or completed a web form, but not engaging with our website traffic. When GDPR came in, our outbound marketing took a softer role. We then needed to look at other ways we could maximise our marketing efforts for the Sales team.

Do all your sales and marketing team use GatorLeads? I hear you’ve got quite a process in place for it?

Jack: Yes, they all do. GatorLeads seemed like a good place to start for capitalising on the full scope of our marketing efforts, and so we refocused on that. We ditched the strategy we had in its entirety, and started again, this time using new tricks. We renamed certain pages on our website, for better analytics, but also so we could rank landing pages higher for Paid Ads. We then added rules to these pages so we would get notified about visits.

We also implemented a prefiltering system to help the Sales guys out. With the integration between CommuniGator and Salesforce, we could create custom ports, so we could sync data and run reports! This also helped improve our feedback process, so we could see what was working, and what wasn’t quite.

Your talk is all about getting Sales to use GatorLeads, is this the product you use most of from the CommuniGator Suite, or do you use all aspects in tandem?

Jack: It’s quite fluid. We used GatorMail initially because we were extremely impressed with the Salesforce Integration. But we’ve also used Workflows and Follow-ups with CommuniGator advice to help achieve our aims. GDPR shook things up a bit too, and it was at this point we had our GatorLeads revamp.

Why do you think it’s so important that Sales don’t discount using GatorLeads.

Jack: There’s gold in those leads. And we’ve been able to prove that, because our Sales team have qualified prospects we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. GatorLeads can identify huge amounts of your website traffic so you can reach out to those leads, rather than relying on inbound marketing. Sometimes you need to take a proactive approach, and that’s what GatorLeads allows for.

What can we look forward to in your talk at GatorCon2018?

Jack: A very honest, real-world hints and tips on how to utilise GatorLeads effectively within a small organisation. This won’t be theory-based, it’s all field tested. Through hard experiences, and learning certain things the difficult way, we’ve now got a method which works. As a company, we’re very hands-on with the product, so our talk will be based around what works for us. We will look at how we implemented GatorLeads into our Sales process to get the most from the product.

Jack is speaking again at GatorCon2020. He’ll be on the main stage at 1.40pm on Day 1, where you can take away the lessons he’s learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. Book your ticket here, to find out immediately actionable strategies from Gators, customers and industry leaders alike.

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