Have you ever considered why you need a digital marketing strategy?

There are many different approaches to managing digital marketing. Some people just react intuitively, some follow the lead of others and some don’t really know where to start. But have you ever considered how a tailored, well-informed marketing strategy could impact on your business?

The results of every survey on digital marketing tell us that strategic planning and execution of content marketing is still a challenge and the majority marketers feel they could be producing more effective content. This is where the digital strategy comes into its own.

Why might you need a digital marketing strategy?

You don’t have goals and, if you do, you don’t reach them

Sometimes it’s just a matter of focus. If you’ve no idea where you’re trying to go then you’re unlikely to get there. Marketing strategy provides a place to map out goals, from higher conversion rates, to building customer base. It gives you a space in which to plan the steps required to reach those goals and to measure the impact of those steps.

You’re seeing no real ROI

Without a clear and unambiguous digital marketing strategy it’s very easy for resources to just slip away. Successful digital marketing requires a focused allocation of resources based on what the business actually needs. A digital marketing strategy helps to ensure that you have sufficient resources for planning and executing e-marketing and that no efforts are being duplicated.

Your competitors are way ahead of you

If you were to be a fly on the wall of competitor digital marketing meetings you would no doubt discover that they not only have a focused approach to their digital marketing with well allocated resources but they are using clearly defined strategies to get ahead.

Your customers are a bit of a mystery

Mystery customers are impossible to market to and that only ends one way. Digital marketing strategy necessarily involves getting to know the people that you want to support your business, not just as numbers in your analytics but as humans too. Customer feedback is absolutely invaluable when it comes to ensuring that you’re tailoring products, services and marketing efforts to those you want to reach.

Your efforts are not coordinated

Really effective digital marketing needs to happen as part of an integrated machine. If your social media accounts are pushing one message and your blog another then customers will get confused and your online value proposition becomes weak. All your digital channels should be speaking the same message – and that same message should also be integrated with every other marketing investment you’re making, from advertising to other traditional methods. The digital strategy is where everything comes together.

Your efforts are not optimised

Digital marketing generates plenty of metrics and statistics but these alone don’t add a huge amount of insight or value. It’s the opportunity to sit down and review, discuss and use this information that will give your business the edge, and that invariably happens best at strategy meetings.

You just can’t keep up

The reality is that a digital marketing strategy isn’t just a nice to have. If you’re wondering how every other business seems to have such coordinated efforts yielding such positive results then it’s no big secret – it’s the strategy. Invest in one yourself and you’ll see why.

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