Discover which of your marketing campaigns are working

Marketing campaigns are an important aspect of generating new business, but they can come under fire when there is no way to report on the success (or failure) of a particular campaign. You need to be able to track which campaigns are the most influential. With GatorLeads, you can track marketing channels that were previously untraceable.

Google AdWord Campaigns

Most businesses these days are using PPC and Google AdWords to get ahead of their competition on the search engine giant. Depending on the keywords you choose, this method can be quite costly without any guarantee that your web visitors will get in contact with you.

Thankfully, with our UTM builder you can track which of your Google AdWord campaigns are bringing in the leads. From there, you can use our other tools to identify and get in contact with your leads.

Identify where your audience is coming from easily

With marketing running a number of campaigns at the same time, you need one quick way to identify which campaigns are performing better and why. With our insights and segmentation, you can see exactly which channels are performing. This could be your email campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, social media posts or PPC adverts. You can then drill down further into each campaign with one click to see the companies, countries, industries and company size that are engaging with that particular campaign.

Reporting the facts back to base

With the easy to access insights and trackable UTM & URLs, marketing no longer has to offer “predictions” on the performance of their campaigns. Now, you can get the names of companies who have responded to your campaign. You can also get hard statistics on how many prospects are interacting with your campaign on a daily basis. All you have to do is generate automatic reports on the date range of your selection within our platform.

It really is that simple to report on your marketing campaigns with the right software in place.

If you’re looking for further advice on creating the perfect B2B lead machine, check out the guide here.

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