Catch Errors Before You Send

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’ve spent hours poring over an email. Writing, amending, checking, amending and checking again. You’re finally satisfied, and the glorious moment comes to hit that magic button – send. And so, it starts going out, only for you to go back to your final check, and realise there’s a typo in the headline! Or it comes through to your Outlook account and looks completely different from when you were viewing it online! It’s a heart-breaking moment, but there are ways to avoid it.  

Send a Test! 

It may sound super simple, but it’s also the easiest way to spot mistakes. Don’t just send it to yourself, you’ve probably read the email a thousand times, and you’ll know exactly what it’s meant to say. Your brain will fill in the correct information even if it’s not there. Send a test to a couple of colleagues. They’ll be looking at it with fresh eyes and so are more likely to pick up on a spelling mistake, or a convoluted sentence.  

From your test send, make sure that all your links go to the correct locations. That the unsubscribe link works, as well as the vocab, readability and how it looks in your email provider. Seeing your email outside of the builder will give it a fresh perspective. 

Inbox Checker 

There are differences in how email clients render an email. Some may display images differently, in different places, or move the formatting around. Using the inbox checker tool you are able to view how your email will appear in over 30 different email clients. So you can be sure that your email will look tip top for everyone. Whether it’s Gmail, Apple Devices, Outlook (each version of course), or a more obscure email provider – it’s included.  

And just to convince you of the benefit this tool can add, it will also give you a spam score for each provider! You can be sure that your email will land in your contact’s inbox, rather than their junk. The spam score won’t tell you how to improve your email, but simply give you a pass or fail mark. Still, it’s a good first indication of the deliverability of your emails.  


That is where SendForensics comes in. To pinpoint exactly which aspect is affecting your deliverability. Beginning with an easily readable dashboard, your email will be given a percentage. This is based on its deliverability and receives a recommended action. SendForensics will also highlight the aspects which need amending, broken down into Content and Infrastructure issues.  

You can identify whether the wording, HTML, or domain setup is causing the email to err uncomfortably close to spam. Meaning that you are able to direct the amendments to the most relevant person. Plus, you’ll be able to see how your email performs in comparison to the worldwide and industry average. Keep ahead of the competition, and ensure your email is read, not binned.  

Artificial Intelligence 

Knowing your audience is a tricky guessing game to master. AI can help by suggesting what amends could enhance the click-through rates of your email. This doesn’t necessarily catch errors in the traditional sense, in that there’s a problem with it. But instead, will catch the errors based on the audience you are sending. After all, there’s no point sending a really complicated email when your contacts all prefer easy to digest content. Amend your email length, readability and features so they are optimised for your audience.  

Obviously, these methods are not fool-proof. You can’t rely on them to pick up every single mistake in your email. You’ll still need to check and double-check your grammar and spelling etc. But they can help identify the major deliverability and viewing differences which otherwise may go amiss. It’s a step closer to catching errors before you hit send. 

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