What B2B marketers can learn from Donald Trump’s marketing

With the American presidential campaigns in full swing, the world is watching and waiting in anticipation to see who will be the next President of the United States. In the meantime, all of us B2B marketers are sitting here analysing the techniques of both parties trying to establish what each marketing team – especially Donald Trump’s marketing – is doing successfully. After all, their techniques will set some of the best practices for 2017.

You can’t deny it, Donald Trump’s marketing team is currently winning in terms of exposure.

The controversial approach that seems to surround Donald Trump’s marketing is entirely played on by the team and spin doctors behind the scenes. The man is in the media every day for a new statement that has caused an uproar, or because someone else has decided to talk about him. The brand of Trump is everywhere we look at the moment. It’s taught us three vital things when it comes to campaign marketing.

You need an angle

We’re not saying you have to be controversial. While Trump relishes walking the fine line of controversy, it’s not necessarily good for business. You could take the awe-inspiring underdog story of WhatsApp, the friendly fun approach of Pokémon Go or the “keep up with the innovators” style (Hi Apple). Whatever angle your marketing takes, you need to OWN IT. You need to constantly deliver in your area. This is how you become known for what you want your brand and business to represent.

You need a consistent message

A consistent message doesn’t mean you need to talk about the same thing, it means your brand needs to stand for the same things. Trump, for example, talks about all issues in the simplest way that any average Joe can understand. Decide on a style of how you want to communicate with your audience. As Trump’s team has indicated, how you talk to your crowd will determine who will listen to you in the first place.

You need more than just a visual brand

Let’s face it, everyone can recognise Donald Trump from a mile away. But if marketing campaigns were based on looks and visual appeal, it’s unlikely Trump would have got this far. It’s the substance of his campaign, his beliefs, and views that have driven him this far. You need a brand that people can grab onto and believe in, which takes more than just a pretty design. Your looks are what get you recognised, it’s not what gets you the following.

There are numerous other points that we’ve noticed from the Trump campaign, but these are the three that we believe are the most important to dominating your marketplace. After all, a triple-threat tactic has a well-proven track record. We’ll just have to see if it works for Trump come November.

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