Artificial Intelligence: The future of marketing


It’s coming, ladies and gentlemen, whether we like it or not. Artificial intelligence is taking the marketing world by storm and looks like its here to stay. Does that mean all marketers will be out of a job come 2020? Absolutely not. Machine learning is merely a stepping stone to an intelligent sales and marketing strategy.

Used correctly, it could mean your days of cold calling, split testing and blanket marketing are over. Here, we look at the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in your marketing.

Predictive Insights
It speaks for itself, predicting your marketing results is surely a no-brainer when it comes to sales and marketing success. Identifying your click-through results before your campaign has even gone out the door is going to arm us all with the insights we need to truly get to know our target audience and excel when it comes to marketing ROI.

But how does it work? It’s a machine after all, so teach it what you want it to know and the rest is done for you. In the background. At the click of a button. Predictive insights are the MVP to identifying your potential target market volume. Having the knowledge of how and when future leads will behave, in order of most likely to convert is a powerful tool your marketing arsenal has been missing out on.

Intelligent Marketing
One of our major challenges at CommuniGator is identifying the maximum number of ideal prospects available to support rapid growth. Knowing what is out there for us to target, in terms of volume is a must.

With Artificial intelligence and predictive insights combined, we can identify our ideal customer profile, including personas, killer values and top target accounts, and define our total addressable market. In other words, we can understand where demand exists, and where it doesn’t. Meaning our prospecting is as efficient as possible.

Gone are the days of endless data sourcing, manual profiling and chasing leads via LinkedIn. Now we can identify exactly when and where we should be focusing our efforts to maximise our pipeline.

Companies using predictive insights have benefited from: 

5x more sales converted
6x more sales via email nurture campaigns
32% saved effort on lead follow up
*Bright target 

Integrating your solutions 
As an avid blog reader of ours, I am sure you have heard us bang on and on about ‘managing your marketing under one roof’ and how important we believe having a fully integrated sales and marketing solution is.  Well, guess what, it doesn’t stop there.

Integrating your marketing activities with your artificial intelligence is like beans on toast. We are fast moving into a world where one won’t work effectively without the other. It’s the start of using the data available to you more intelligently to generate more leads and revenue. Combining your real-time results with your predictive results enables you to understand, acquire and retain your customers as well as identifying potential customers you didn’t even know existed.

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