5 tools to help you tailor your sales pitch

Everyone tells you that you need to tailor your sales pitch. But they never tell you HOW. That’s why we’ve created this blog to give you some ideas.  

Find out who they are

Before you can figure out what your prospect is interested in, you need to know who they are. That’s where IP lookup comes in. Use IP lookup (or company identification) to figure out who you’re talking to. Do a bit of research into the company in question and you may find an angle to go at your sales pitch before you even get on the phone.

Find out what they are interested in

Now, here’s the real catch. Your prospect could need your product, but if you focus on the wrong aspects they might be put off. Make sure you’re talking about the things they are interested in by tracking their movements on your website! If you don’t know how to do this, then you need to learn about website visitor tracking.

Get personal

Of course, multiple people from one company might be interested in different aspects of your website. Not to worry. Focus on one (yes, by one we mean the key decision maker) and track their movements. You can do this by using a personalised URL, otherwise known as PURL. Simply find out their contact details (either via your lead generation platform or on LinkedIn for example), then send them a PURL. As soon as they click on it, you’ll be able to track an individuals movements thanks to good, old cookie trackers!

Ask lots of questions

Now that you know who they are and what they are interested in, you can get on the phone and have an in-depth personal conversation. Note how we said conversation, not a sales pitch. That’s right. No one likes listening to a sales person talk at them, even if they are saying all the right things. Instead, ask them more questions on the topics you know they are interested in, so they become more interested in your business. Use your conversational, friendly tone of voice as the tool in this instance.

Get your timing right

An important part of tailoring your sales pitch is knowing WHEN to say what you need to. You are seven times more likely to reach key decision makers in the sales process if you make contact within the first hour of them visiting your website. So if you see them jump on a certain page, be sure to jump on the phone and talk to them about it.

For more on timings, personalising pitches and creating value, read our whitepaper on building an overperforming sales team.

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